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Time’s Relativity

Whether we call the universe holographic, or digital, or simulated, it’s important to remember that our bodies are part of it. The nature of reality pertains to our bodies, as well. If the universe is expanding/accelerating, so are we. In a sense, this is not an inertial field.

Because our eyes evolved in response to the physical world, we don’t see veridically (truthfully). Of light and time and the fabric of reality they describe, we only see one small slice: the material. Alain Aspect, Matthew Fisher, Donald Hoffman, Fotini Markopoulou, Anthony Peake, Carlo Rovelli, Brad Skow, Leonard Susskind, Max Tegmark, Eugene Wigner …  they’re all onto it. Time doesn’t function the way we think it does.

Maybe mathematics unreasonably explains the physical world because the laws of mathematics are generating it.