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As With Quarks, So With Us.

The same forces at play in the world of quarks and electrons are at play in us. We are not separate from the form and substance of the universe, but one with it — literally. Everything is light, including us.

There are three forces at work: down, up, and spin. Iron helps with down (gravity). Copper helps with up (electricity). Magnesium and the B vitamins help with spin (the core metabolic rate). If one vector is not taut, it throws the other two off, and the whole thing collapses. Every minute, a billion times a minute, we have to power up and spin. We are revving the generator of the universe, and using it to make a movie.

The fourth state of water experiment showed us how it’s done. First you push down. Then you shoot up. Then you spread out, in a ring of light.

If the rate of spin is not high enough, iron does not transmute into gravity and copper does not transmute into electricity but they just sit there, leaden, in their inert forms, and do damage. (The damage of both the loss of their forces and the presence of their physical forms.)

However, if the down-up axis (iron-copper) (gravity-electricity) is not taut enough, the rate of spin cannot get high enough. We just spin in place, like a car in neutral.

So it’s a juggling act. We need all three forces to work together. But we can do it — and when we do, we ascend, in tandem with the rest of the universe. When we do not ascend, we get left behind.