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Time’s Relativity

Whether we call the universe holographic, or digital, or simulated, the thing to remember is this: our bodies are part of it. The fabric of reality pertains to our bodies, too. To discuss the nature of the universe is to have both the most abstract and the most concrete discussion in the world.

Because our eyes evolved in response to the physical world, we don’t see veridically (see truthfully). Donald Hoffman speaks very eloquently about this. As does Max Tegmark. Mathematics unreasonably explains the physical world because the laws of mathematics are generating it.

Time is accelerating, but because we are one with its acceleration, we don’t perceive it. Actually, time is both speeding up and slowing down at the same time. We are speeding up and becoming light, which has no speed.

Time’s relativity is why we haven’t seen any new particles since the Higgs boson. Since 2012, time has been slowing down. Actually, time is perpetually slowing down, but we don’t typically have an absolute gauge from another dimension against which to measure it.