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Calcium is essential for our structural integrity as well as for our brain function. But it can also stand in for density, i.e. function as an oppositional force to time. When it is used in this way, calcium is the poor man’s substitute for magnetism. It’s cement. It holds us together, yes. But it kills us at the same time.

Calcium traps me in time, whereas magnetism (iron) anchors me in time. Calcium is not fluid. It tethers me to this moment in time—but as the universe accelerates, this moment in time is changing.

When my body is using calcium to hold itself together, my eyesight dims, as if I have scales over my eyes’ lenses. My hearing diminishes. My teeth get tartar. My nails grow ridges. My liver and gallbladder fill with stones. And, worst of all, my pineal gland becomes calcified. Once I use calcium to stabilize me in time, my ability to read light’s speed and know where I am in time diminishes. When I am calcium-toxic, you might say my heart—as well as everything else—hardens.