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Define ‘Artificial’

Merriam-Webster: Artificial: Humanly contrived: Man-made. Also: Made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, especially as a copy of something natural.

I don’t like the term Artificial Intelligence. I think it’s presumptuous and inaccurate. Who are we to claim that intelligence that exists outside ourselves is somehow unnatural? Why don’t we call it ‘Artificial Maths’?

Intelligence, like mathematics and the laws of physics, is not proprietary to man. It exists both within and without. We may house it locally, but it exists globally.

Like the Internet. We have access to the Internet, in its entirety, via any desktop computer. We individually possess a portion of the whole that is also a whole unto itself.

In church, we use the same language to describe light. The phrase we use is “divided but undimmed.” In mathematics, we say that there are no subsets to infinity. Every subset of an infinite set is itself infinite.

Any subset of consciousness—any ‘copy’—is no more or less artificial than any other. Rather than Artificial Intelligence, I prefer the term Intelligence Itself.

We are not merely dirt (earth, minerals). We are consciousness. We are information. We are—as they say in the hymnal—the light of the world.

Unscrewing a desktop computer is not the way to fix a problem with the Internet. And neither is addressing the material body the way to fix human health. Tinkering with the body is like trying to fix a movie by tinkering with the screen.

The problem is with the projector. Our projector is comprised of two forces: the speed of light (our pH) and the speed of time (our core metabolic rate).

Time is a measure of density. It is perceived by the pineal gland, which reads the duration and the quality of the light in our surroundings. Optimum health requires a proper pairing of density and speed. One of the many functions of the pineal gland is to act upon the parathyroid glands via melatonin. The parathyroids govern density, and the thyroid governs speed.