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We are information. And we are new every moment. A signal that is static—that does not oscillate—is dead to us. We cannot read it over time.

Here’s what I mean by oscillation. I’m 50 and I haven’t had my period for about a year. My estrogen is high. Women need estrogen to drop in order to menstruate. I need my estrogen to go down—but in order for it to be able to go down, first it has to go up, and there’s no room for it to go up. In other words, I need it to go up, so that it can go down, so that it can go up—etc. It matters less where it is than in what direction it’s moving. Movement is energy. Movement, we can read.

What it comes down to is perception. If I don’t register my estrogen go up, I don’t know it needs to come down. My estrogen becomes inert, its functionality lost.

From the perspective of metabolism, we need both the thing and its opposite. For instance, sodium and potassium function as gas and brake. We cannot fully utilize one without the other. Sodium/potassium, copper/zinc, iodine/lithium, etc.

We don’t want to be static. We want our iron, zinc, copper, etc. to be able to pulse. When they are able to pulse—when they are, in a sense, alive—the minerals are able to heal us. See “Copper That Cancer”

We are more than flesh and blood, sperm and egg. We are light (information). I used to wonder, when I was a child, how we could trace Jesus’ lineage as the son of David through Joseph, who was ‘only’ his step-father, and did not materially participate in his birth. Now I know.

We are information that is being made manifest, moment-to-moment, in matter. Our illnesses are material manifestations of a deeper dysfunction. They are waves upon the ocean. To cure them, we don’t slap at the waves. We look at the tides and the currents.