Glycine, Glyphosate, and Cancer

I developed cancer at the injection site of my tetanus vaccine. It’s a form of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma (BCC) that sometimes recurs but is very treatable.

In me, the experience of cancer was not silent; was highly noticeable and even dramatic. It felt like an increase in tension, then a small explosion—like a sling being drawn back, and then released; and drawn back, and then released. Like an accelerated experience of time, a heightened pace of the circadian rhythm.

When I consume a lot of glycine—the smallest amino acid—I can feel the cancer apparatus starting up again. It is a feeling of pressure beneath the scar from my Mohs surgery. When I consume a lot of glycine, I am giving my brain skewed information about scale. When I read scale as smaller than baseline, it can trigger expansion. When I read scale as larger than baseline, it can trigger contraction.

In other words, consuming too much tryptophan—the largest amino acid—can also be problematic, especially now that I am in menopause. I need to accurately gauge the scale of the world. If I read scale as larger than it is, I become hyper-tonic (and then want to collapse). If I read scale as smaller than it is, I become hypo-tonic (and then want to explode).

Glyphosate, known commercially as Roundup, is an analogue of glycine, and it immediately re-initiates the cancer apparatus in me. I avoid glyphosate at all costs because it gives my brain bad information. Similarly, I do not consume anything that is genetically modified. I want to read natural DNA, not altered DNA. If this is a holographic universe—if the reality we perceive with our senses is emerging from light—I want to read code that corresponds with light. When they announce: “we’ve made a new kind of strawberry out of algae and forever chemicals,” I immediately think: Avoid.

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