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It’s All About Spin.

Think of something with spin. It goes faster and faster until it’s spinning so fast, it seems to stop.

Only — it hasn’t really stopped. It’s just wearing its spin on the inside. This is what it means to change dimensions. To enter a different time signature. To ascend.

When light achieves the speed of light, time stops. Only, time hasn’t really stopped. Light wears time on the inside.

Time is like a record where when you spin it very fast, it becomes light. But if you slow the spinning down, it becomes time again. In other words: Light that goes slow is time. Time that goes fast is light. Time and light are two sides of the same lever. They are toggling states in the “double-slit” experiment.

We are approaching a new age, which will be the age of light. As we approach, the gears of time are going to shift. In the old age, our light was spinning within the fabric of time. In the new age, time will spin within the fabric of light. Light is timeless because it wears its spin — time — on the inside.