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The universe is all one thing, and that one thing is neither matter nor energy but MatterEnergy. Matter and energy are not things; they are states. The same “substance” can be achieved in different ways.

I believe the universe is comprised of light, and is emerging from light. Light is the a priori fabric of the cosmos, and we are the light of the world. But we are light incarnate—light that is appearing in material form. And it is the appearing in material form that is tricky. The same material form can be achieved in different ways.

Think of light as like water. To appear as water, water can be ice that is spinning very fast. Or water can simply be water. To appear as light, matter can either spin very fast (at light’s speed). Or it can simply be itself. Because itself is not really matter; it’s MatterEnergy.

It’s as if light exists between two poles—sun and moon. At one, it is very dense and spinning very fast. At the other, it’s very fast and spinning very slow. One is hot; the other cold. In our circadian rhythm, we swing between them. When we spin very fast (diurnal rhythm, “sun”), we must hold together. We need density: vitamin D, vitamin K. When we spin very slowly (nocturnal rhythm, “moon”), we must hold apart. We need inverse density: vitamin K2. In either case, we need the most abundant mineral in the body, which vitamins D, K, and K2 manipulate: calcium.

Exactly what is the universe that is emerging from light? Time. Time emerges from light, and the emergence goes both ways. When time has speed, light is the medium. When light has speed, time is the medium. Light and time are twin sides of the same thing, and are emerging from each other.