Micro-Environments and My Left Ovary

According to this paradigm, all of time happens at once; the universe explodes and collapses simultaneously. When the exploding force matches the collapsing force, time “stands still”—is stable. When one or the other force is greater, time “moves forward” or “moves backward.” I put stands still, moves forward, and moves backward in quotation marks because time doesn’t really move; it just appears to do so in the eyes of an observer. In this model, the observer (consciousness) is light.

Time alternates, like a current. The world is being made new every moment. The world is made/unmade. And made/unmade. And made/unmade. When time explodes, light collapses (e.g. sun). When time collapses, light explodes (e.g. moon).

I have observed the mechanics of the universe at work in my left ovary. My left ovary is experiencing time out of sync with the rest of my body. It forms cysts (PCOS) that I can feel as twinges, similar to the twinge a woman sometimes feels at ovulation. My left ovary is exploding and collapsing faster than the rest of me.

For a while, the ovary is dormant. But when I eat beef jerky (iron), it goes straight to my ovary, and the twinges begin. And when I drink coffee (copper) it goes straight to my ovary, and the twinges begin.

When I eat iron, I am supplying the collapsing force (magnetism), so the ovary expands. When I drink copper, I am supplying the expanding force (electricity), so the ovary collapses. The images we see—such as my ovary—are not wholly separate from the fabric on which we see them. It is what the fabric of the universe (time) is doing that causes the images to emerge—this is what it means to say the material world is emergent. The same image can explode into being (e.g. sun) or collapse into being (e.g. moon).

Once the exploding and collapsing is out of sync with the rest of the body, it is difficult to get it back on track (cancer). Cells are intelligent, and they have their marching orders. When my ovary contracts in response to copper, or expands in response to iron, it is not misbehaving; it is doing what it is designed to do. The problem is that once it contracts too much, it will explode too much (or vice-versa), and the process becomes self-perpetuating.

What makes this misunderstanding of time start in the first place? Certain areas of my body are denser than others. So they will “steal” all the time, if you will. They will cycle time more quickly than the rest of me because they have more mass. These places will hoard the iron and copper I consume for themselves. Unfortunately it is the parts of my body that are already too dense that will become too denser.

Which parts of my body are too dense? I once took organic green tea extract (high in manganese) at high doses and felt it balance out parts of my body that had accumulated iron. The sensation was strange: similar to a cool breeze. I felt it in my brain stem, my ovaries, and my breasts.

But I could not take high amounts of organic green tea extract for long. I need iron to weight me to the earth and to orient myself (proprioception). I suffer from occasional vertigo. Even though iron is a risk factor for many diseases (ferrotoxic disease), I cannot erase it (balance it with manganese) because the sensations it provides help my consciousness to locate itself in time. Iron, the workhorse of my blood and my bone marrow, is my most fundamental element. It keeps me alive.

But my ovary has too much iron, and it hurts. The pain increases, naturally, when they ultrasound it to keep track of what is going on in there. But, oddly enough, the pain stopped—for a number of years—after they gave me a CAT scan. The rotating x-rays helped my ovary to re-orient itself in time.

The mineral zinc also seems to set my ovary straight and stop the pain. Is zinc able to stop or to slow down time? (Another symptom of zinc deficiency is susceptibility to viruses and loss of sense of taste or smell.) By opposing copper, zinc helps me to utilize copper; it’s as if zinc gives my copper a wall to repel against. There seems to be a martial arts principle at work in the universe. It is by opposing time that light is able to utilize time.

A common zinc dose for PCOS is 50 mg zinc picolinate daily for two months, and this dose cures my ovarian cysts 100%. Inositol also helps it quite a bit. As does turmeric and green tea extract.

Many of you will recognize a common feature among the things I have listed above. They are all known to be “anti-cancer” and to chelate iron. According to this paradigm, oncogenesis and pathogenesis occur when the speed of time (and therefore the rate of emergence) is accelerated. When cells start to cycle time more quickly than the rest of the body, we call is cancer. When microbes start to cycle time more quickly that the rest of the microbiome, we call it infection. In the 1970s, we first discovered the increased likelihood of finding infection at tumor sites. Cancer and infection comorbidities would make sense if they shared a common root cause.

In other words, if time collapses too much, light is forced to explode too much. Or, if time explodes too much, light is forced to collapse too much. Time is an electromagnetic field. Once you have too much iron (magnetism), you need too much copper (electricity)—and vice-versa.

Because once you have too much iron and copper (i.e. magnetism and electricity), your metronome is swinging at a different speed. When cells swing at a different speed, we call it cancer. When microbes swing at a different speed, we call it infection. When we attack the tumor, or the pathogen, we are not addressing the root cause. If the fabric of time (the swing rate of the metronome) is still deranged, the cancer and the pathogen will simply reappear—re-emerge.

If matter is not fundamental to the universe, it is fruitless to address illness by attacking matter. Instead, we should address the underlying forces: the relative speeds of light and time.

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