Micro-Environments and My Left Ovary

When the exploding force matches the collapsing force, time is stable. When one or the other force is greater, time “branches forward” (fission) or “branches backward” (fusion).

According to this model, time alternates, like a current. The world is being made new every moment. The world is made/unmade. And made/unmade. And made/unmade. When time explodes, light collapses (e.g. moon). And when time collapses, light explodes (e.g. sun).

I have observed the mechanics of time at work in my left ovary. My left ovary is exploding and collapsing faster than the rest of me. It forms multiple cysts at a time that I can feel as painful twinges, similar to the twinges a woman sometimes feels at ovulation.

When I eat beef jerky (iron), I feel a twinge. When I drink coffee (copper) I feel a twinge.

When I eat iron, I am supplying the collapsing background force (magnetism), so the ovary expands. When I drink copper, I am supplying the expanding background force (electricity), so the ovary collapses. In this holographic model, the images we see—such as my ovary—are not wholly separate from the fabric on which we see them. It is what the fabric of time is doing that causes the images to emerge—this is what it means to say the material world is emergent. The same light can explode into being (e.g. sun) or collapse into being (e.g. moon).

Once the exploding and collapsing is out of sync with the rest of the body, it is difficult to get it back on track. Cells are intelligent. When my ovary contracts in response to copper, or expands in response to iron, it is not misbehaving; it is doing what it is designed to do. The problem is that its metronome is off.

Certain areas of my body appear to be denser than others, so they will “steal” all the time, if you will. These areas will cycle time more quickly than the rest of me because they have more mass. Unfortunately, it is the parts of my body that are already too dense that will become even denser.

Which parts of my body are too dense? I once took organic green tea extract (high in manganese) at high doses and felt it balance out the parts of my body that had accumulated excess iron. I felt it in my brain stem, my ovaries, and my breasts.

But I could not take high doses of organic green tea extract for very long. I need iron to weight me to the earth and to orient myself (proprioception). I suffer from occasional vertigo. Even though iron is a risk factor for many diseases (see Leo Zacharski on ferrotoxic disease), I cannot eliminate it too much, because the sensations it provides help my consciousness to locate itself in time. I need iron. My body responds very poorly to iron from supplements or plants. It recognizes as “self” only heme iron.

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