Psilocybin for Migraine—and More

After living in a moldy house, one of the lingering health problems I had was orthostatic intolerance—when your body can’t adapt quickly enough to changes in blood pressure. When I tried micro dose psilocybin for migraine headaches (it worked), I noticed it also helped with my orthostatic issues. I could feel that I suddenly had access to a greater degree of vasoconstriction, and found I could stand near elevator banks without feeling I was going to pass out. I could drink flat water without vertigo and dizziness. I could be in sunlight without acute photosensitivity. I could read (could tolerate artificial light) after sundown.

I slowly began to realize that my brain was like a computer, and whatever I ate or drank was not merely providing my body with nutrients and hydration—it was providing my brain with information. I stopped eating all glyphosate, and three weeks later, I could much more accurately perceive the forces in my environment. Light that is denser than light will appear to be exploding or “hot.” Light that is more diffuse than light will appear to be condensing or “cold.” Hot and cold represent far more than temperature; there was a proton gradient that my brain was reading—and responding to.

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