“The All in the Small”

“There is no fragment in all nature, for every relative fragment of a thing is a complete harmonious unity in itself.” —John Muir

There is no fragment of a thing, for every fragment of a thing is complete is also known as the holographic principle of “the all in the small.” The all in the small can be seen in the Fibonacci sequence, but there is one characteristic difference: the scale changes.

Does scale play a role in human disease?

What if the speed of light = the “zero” state? If we eclipse the speed of light, we will feel the collapsing force. If we dip beneath the speed of light, we will feel the exploding force.

When we are beneath the sun, we oppose the exploding force with vitamin K1. When we are above the moon, we oppose the collapsing force with vitamin K2.

This world is not a vacuum; it is a world of forces. Just because they net to zero (the speed of light) doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

Perhaps the sun and the moon are the same light, being rendered by our brains in different ways.

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