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The Dimming of the Day

When I was a child, I took the phrase “we are the light of the world” as a metaphor. But when I became sick, and began to look into things, my attitude changed. I believe we truly are light, and a deeper understanding of how light works will help us solve human illness.

If we are light, when we have the impression of light doing things, e.g. “bending,” it is actually a reflection of our own movement. But let’s put that idea aside for the moment.

We might think of light (time) as a lens. When the lens bends toward us, we see the sun. When the lens bends away from us, we see the moon. But when the lens bends away from us, there is new light—the future—on the other side.

Here’s another visual that might help us understand light’s movement more intuitively. In this video, from our perspective, we’re able to see light’s full circumference. But try to imagine we live in “Flatland,” so to speak, and can only see straight. Let’s say our sight stretches in a straight line from the screen’s left to the screen’s right. What would this rotating light look like? Perhaps, when it faced us, it’d look “full,” then it would appear to wane, then appear to wax, and then it’d appear full again. On the first “full,” the light would be pointing straight at us. On the second “full,” it’d be pointing straight away.

The sun’s movement, meanwhile, is shown as strictly vertical. Hm. Interesting. Were the logo designers—subconsciously—trying to show us something?