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The Metabolic Rate Is Crucial.

Light is timeless because it wears its spin on the inside. And so must we.

The quantum field is the border between time and timelessness. It’s the sphere (for the sake of simplicity, I’ll refer to it here as a circle) where the quantum conversion* takes place. We experience optimum health at its circumference. When we’re inside the circle, we’re spinning too fast (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s). When we’re outside the circle, we’re spinning too slow (ALS, ME/CFS). We need to be on the circle itself.

The nature of spin is two-fold. It’s akin to churning. We’re always speeding up on the inside, and slowing down on the outside. Speeding up—then wearing our spin on the inside.

The liver is the engine. The kidneys set the speed limit. The two work in tandem. They need to work in tandem, otherwise we experience metabolic gridlock.

To increase the basal metabolic rate, we need sodium. But to increase the speed limit, we need potassium. So it’s tricky.

We’re always doing two things at once. Iodine plus potassium (Lugol). Coffee enemas plus potassium (Gerson). Espresso plus a lemon rind (the wisdom of the Italians). B1 plus (taken separately, at a different time of day) B6. These things are revving the engine while cooling the exterior. It’s important to do both in tandem in order to move forward in time.

When the engine is too revved, it’s like falling backward in time. When the exterior is too cooled, it’s like falling forward.

*For more on the quantum conversion, see the fourth state of water experiment.