Human Metabolism, a Fresh Perspective

Speed, dilation, and density are governed by the neuroendocrine system.

Pineal – master gland, font of the neuroendocrine cascade. Reads time (light). Responds to wavelength and vibration.

Adrenals – speed.

Thyroid – dilation.

Parathyroid – density.

Copper – electricity.

Iron – magnetism.

Time’s pendulum: At night, we gather density (melatonin –> parathyroids), so that during the day, we can gather speed. Akin to pulling back a swing.

During the day, it’s the reverse. In daylight, we gather speed (dimethyltryptamine or DMT), so that during the night, we can gather density. Twin sides of a pendulum.

Falling behind time—aging—is analogous to the swing slowing down, losing its range. If, during the day, we do not sufficiently speed up, at night, we cannot sufficiently slow down. The diurnal increase in acceleration allows for the nocturnal increase in density.

Speed and density must both increase in order to move forward in time. Speed is a prerequisite for density and density is a prerequisite for speed.

Melatonin is the chemical signal for darkness and density; DMT is the chemical signal for daylight and speed.

When the pineal gland registers itself as alkaline—implying the rest of the body has achieved sufficient speed (acidity)—it will induce sleep, during which it can increase density. It produces melatonin. Among other functions, melatonin can act upon the parathyroids, which regulate calcium release, and help us to modulate our density (osteoblastogenesis).

But if the pineal gland is hypoactive, it will misperceive itself as alkaline, and overproduce melatonin. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

When the pineal gland registers itself as acidic—implying the rest of the body has achieved sufficient density (alkalinity)—it will wake us up. It produces DMT (dimethyltryptamine)—ideally to coincide with the free cortisol rise at 7 AM—and we begin the diurnal, light-based side of the daily rhythm.

But if the pineal gland is hyperactive, it will misperceive itself as acidic, and overproduce DMT. Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Pineal dysregulation: Strobing lights can be misread as an accelerated diurnal rhythm and can force the pH to become too alkaline. If the pH gets high enough, the body can induce a seizure (generate lactic acid) to try to self-regulate.

Copper and iron are contra-indicated if we are not cycling time at the right speed. But there’s a twist: we need copper and iron in order to cycle time at the right speed.

It’s the same loop that occurs with estrogen. Estrogen’s healthy functioning depends upon a range. In perimenopause, my estrogen levels are both too high and not high enough; I am losing my range of motion. My estrogen neither spikes nor plummets but hovers mid-range, where its functionality is lost. For instance, vitamin K1 facilitates density of bones and blood. But vitamin K’s absorption, like the carboxylation of vitamin K-dependent proteins, is estrogen-dependent. Vitamin K1 needs estrogen to function. But we need estrogen in order to absorb vitamin K1.

E=mc^2. Time’s forward movement is E/M—>E. Time’s backward movement is M/E—>M. Time, when it stands still, is death, M—>M (catabolism).

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