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The Scientific Method

… is important. It’s how we ascertain what is true. At the moment, we have not been able to employ it as robustly as we should. (I heard, recently, of a med student whose method of study was to memorize the names of drugs and learn to match them with illnesses.) But our pharmocentric model of medicine will be changing in the future.

I’ve spoken with hundreds of people who feel that modern medicine completely failed them, so I wanted to say a word in defense of science. As with democracy — and people — just because something is deeply flawed doesn’t mean it isn’t good. We need to be able to rigorously test our ideas — just as we need to keep our hearts and minds rigorously open. One is not more important than another; indeed, each requires the other.

We need both reason and imagination in order to advance. Reason is the rudder and imagination is the wind.