The Speed of Blood

This paradigm does not merely challenge the old paradigm; it upends it. We have previously believed we could not surpass the speed of light. I am suggesting that we can only surpass it. The speed of light is the a priori (baseline or “given”) speed of the universe. We dip below it in one direction so that we may surpass it in the other.

There seems to be an issue with my blood. When I accelerate, my blood thins, so my need for speed (magnesium) increases. When I decelerate, my blood thickens, so my need for speed (magnesium) increases. But magnesium is tricky. If I accelerate/decelerate too quickly, I become an energy sieve. When I become an energy sieve, my “on” and “off” signal alternates so quickly that it is read as a steady state.

From the perspective of my consciousness, I appear to accelerate and decelerate, like a current. But if I alternate too quickly, the blood effectively “freezes.” It’s being read incorrectly on both sides of the lens. From the material side, it appears to be so fast, it’s frozen. From the energetic side, it appears to be so slow, it’s frozen. My blood cannot alternate more quickly than my consciousness. My consciousness alternates at the speed of light.

When the speed of my blood exceeds the speed of my consciousness, I lose the use of my levers and cannot move my own blood. My perception of how much angiotensin I need (to make the blood vessels constrict) gets all out of whack. From the energetic perspective, I want my blood to be thinner, so that I can decelerate (energy is faster than the speed of light). But from the material perspective, I want my blood to be thicker, so that I can accelerate (matter is slower than the speed of light).

We are not just matter; we are information (DNA). And our information has a speed. Light’s speed.

To be more precise, the speed of light is the rate at which my consciousness reads my information.

But the speed of light—writ large—changes, as the universe accelerates. As time speeds up, light is slowing down. This is the transition; the two levers that are moving at once. Consciousness is emerging as both time and light. But one side is accelerating while the other side is slowing down. So it’s tricky. We are part of the universe and we are undergoing this transition alongside the universe.

Things like vitamin D and fish oil can thin my blood. But, then, how do I thicken it? To thicken it, I need to make more.

If I accelerate/decelerate too quickly—if I synchronize with a time signature that is faster than the rest of the universe—and my demand for and utilization of magnesium “takes off,” it puts too great a demand on heme synthesis. My needs for iron and phosphorus skyrocket. I hoard iron and phosphorus, preparing to make more blood than I need. When I see that it’s more than I need, I halt heme synthesis, but the pyrroles disrupt my mineral homeostasis. The misperception of time disrupts everything.

We are learning to see from both sides of a lens. And it’s not easy, at first, because either side reads the same reality as the opposite of how the other side reads it. (Kind of like American politics.) Do I need more sodium, or more potassium? Sometimes I can’t tell. Am I too hot, or too cold?

At times, I can utilize sodium, when it’s potassium I really need. Or utilize potassium, when it’s sodium I really need. But this is a stop-gap measure, and it creates debts in the long term.

We need to learn to play the long game. To play the long game is to see with the perspective of energy. From the perspective of matter, we are all individuals. But from the perspective of energy, we are all one body—one consciousness.

There is a paradox at work. To slow down time (dopamine) is to increase the perception of the distance between day and night—sun and moon. But when we slow time down, we need to increase light’s oscillation rate (pH). To speed time up (serotonin) is the decrease the perception of the distance between day and night—sun and moon. But when we speed time up, we need to slow down light’s oscillation rate (pH).

We are learning. But we can do this, and we will do this. We are all doing it together.

It is Easter eve as I write this. In Italy, it is Easter already. If I keep going, past Italy, it is Easter evening. Then I come back to myself, here, but it it is no longer Easter eve. It is Easter.

Einstein was right. The distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion. But in order to see it as the illusion it is, in order to see time’s continuity, we must see from the perspective of energy. We need to read E=mc^2 from the perspective of c. We are the light of the world.

We are all one. And we must learn, at last, to love one another, and to care for one another. We can, and we will. In tomorrow’s tomorrow, we already have.

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