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Two People and a Pie

We need to tell better stories. The stories we’ve been training ourselves to tell are about scarcity, competition, and time. Two starving people are alone in a cottage where a pie has been hidden. They have an hour to find it. WHO WILL SURVIVE?

That’s the old paradigm. In the new paradigm—which has already taken root—we will tell stories about abundance, collaboration, and timelessness. I highly recommend books like Alfie Kohn’s Punished by Rewards as well Marshall Rosenberg’s work on Nonviolent Communication. The idea that life and love are something we earn is a human construct. God’s love is unconditional, available to all—like electricity.

How can I help? and How can I serve? are powerful phrases to help activate our higher nature. Nothing turns around a bad afternoon more swiftly than doing something kind. All paths of love are valid; there is no one “right” way. Matter’s language is the language of division—it loves tiny differences in dogma or anything that sparks internecine strife. Don’t fall for it. Light’s language is the language of unity that tells us we’re all in this together, we’re all equals, and the source of our power is love itself. 💛