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Vitamin K2

In order to keep pace with the expanding universe, we too must be capable of expansion. Vitamin K2, which helps the body utilize calcium, is key. Calcium — our skeleton — is our foundation. Unless our calcium metabolism is in place, we cannot properly utilize iron (magnetism) or copper (electricity). Calcium determines our structural integrity.

Vitamin K2 is the conductor of the calcium symphony. For a while I took K1, and it did nothing for me (perhaps because I was already too dense, and my blood slightly too coagulated). K2-4 seems to help me tremendously, as does K2-7. I can feel it in my body’s electrical potential, as well as in my bones, heart, and teeth. Weston Price (who called it ‘Activator X’), Chris Masterjohn, Steven Lin, and many others have written beautifully about the myriad benefits of K2.

In addition to taking K2 myself, and giving it to my mother (Alzheimer’s), I also give it to my miniature dachshund. I mix it in coconut oil and apply it to her gums. Dachshunds are a breed known for calcium dysregulation, as evinced in their bad teeth and tendency to spinal calcification (5 of Josie’s discs were already calcified by age 2). My first dachshund almost died when her airway swelled shut after her rabies vaccination. Subsequent to her rabies vax, she suffered from epilepsy. Vaccines, like many prescription drugs, contain fluorine, which can damage the pineal gland’s ability to read time. K2 is one of the things that can help to decalcify the pineal gland.