What Is Matter?

At the Black-Scholes/Merton 50th anniversary conference, I spoke a little about my own work.

There is something tech has been suggesting for a long time, and physics has been suggesting for a long time, and we have yet (in my opinion) to take it as seriously as we should. What if the universe is not fundamentally matter but is information?

Let’s say the universe is a speeding train. What is matter? Matter is a way of seeing. Matter is the departing station. From matter’s perspective, the universe is accelerating/expanding.

What is energy? Energy too is a way of seeing. Energy is the arriving station. From energy’s perspective, the universe is decelerating/contracting.

But there is a third perspective, in between the two: that of the train itself. The train has speed—but it does not perceive its own speed (the perception of speed requires a frame of reference).

Could TIME be like this train—something that has speed, but its speed may be perceived in different ways—or not at all? And could the perception of time’s speed be central to understanding the core etiology of our diseases?

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