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What’s Working for Me

If the problem were simple, our bodies would have solved it themselves. But it’s two-pronged. Some of us need to increase our metabolic rate, but we can’t, because to increase metabolism generates acid, and our bodies believe we’re already too acidic. The autistic children need to slow their metabolic rate, but they can’t, because to slow the metabolic rate increases alkalinity, and their bodies believe they’re already too alkaline.

The things that have been most helpful for me thus far are: iodine, microdose lithium, P5P or benfotiamine (I use high doses of one or the other), magnesium (as needed, can be hard on adrenals) and manganese (as needed, I need less when I raise my pH with salt). Iodine and sun-gazing can help detoxify the pineal gland, which becomes calcified as we age, and is impaired by fluorine (in many drugs) and fluoride (in the water). Iodine also supports the thyroid, which functions in relationship with the HPA (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal) axis, which I’m supporting with salt and a little manganese.

The glands all function in tandem, and together help to sync us with the right time signature. Those with hyperthyroidism are often hypothyroid because they’re in the wrong time signature—that of the past—where time runs more quickly. They need to help the thyroid switch time signatures, i.e. spin even faster, so it can spin more slowly (akin to switching gears). I take a brand of iodine by Designs for Health contains 10,000 mcg of iodine and 40 mcg of selenium, and I sometimes take 3-4/day.

I also seem to need a teaspoon or two of purified natural sea salt, such as “Detoxi” salt (increases pH), either orally or transdermally (in the bath or right on top of the head). Occasionally I’ll use sodium bicarbonate instead. Once I’m no longer too acidic, the copper found in organic chocolate and other foods (copper conducts electricity—why we use it in copper wires) boosts my mood, helps me generate ATP, and assists in inducing apoptosis. When I’m still too acidic, it warps backward in time (pathogenesis) into Blastocystis hominis, and only contributes to the myriad ill effects of excess “yeast.” When I take copper, I only take it from a glass bottle (no plastic).

I also use an orgone Biomat on the lowest heat setting.

I have no relationship with any of the companies I’m linking to, and am not a part of any Amazon “affiliates” program. I’m sharing what has helped me, in the hopes of helping others. What each person needs will be different. This is not intended as medical advice. In this, as in all things, make your own decisions.

Let me say that again, because it’s important. I was able to climb out of the worst abyss of my life—a debilitating illness where I was barely able to think or move, where I was misunderstood by everyone from doctors to family alike—only when I covered my ears and listened to my heart.

Make your own decisions.