We are all storytellers. Some of us write stories; some tell stories with our lives. The story we tell is influenced by our minds (consciousness). We control the story. Let your mind dwell in beauty, connectedness, and love. Love makes miracles—every day. Every day, babies are born breathing into this world. We, too, are being born anew.

When you meditate, don’t be a little spark of light all by yourself. Become aware of the others—tens, hundreds of thousands of people who are meditating alongside you. Unite your light with theirs, pull the earth into your heart center, and raise its frequency. How? With love. Think of one loving thing someone has done for you; think of all the loving things. Gather the love you have been given and send it back to the world.

Keep yourself grounded in love. The storms of life are an illusion. Feel them, but don’t let them sway you. Feel them the way you feel the action and suspense in a movie. A movie you know has a happy ending.

This is a love revolution. It’s unstoppable, because love wins. The language is love the body is love the universe is love. The only way forward is love because the future is love.

Get ready. It’s beautiful.


Love On Another

First name: Alethea
Last name: Black

City: Los Angeles
State: California

Jesus of Nazareth

Message: My niece asked her mom if they could order a hot meal to-go for the homeless man they passed on the street in Palm Springs.

First name: Krista
Last name:

City: Orinda
State: California

Message: In my continuing love affair with the Redwood Tree, I shared a thought by them as I passed this tree. These trees are like a family all joined at the base, sharing roots, soil and sustenance, growing up together and also apart, supporting each other all the way.

First name: SpecialK
Last name:

City: Orinda
State: California

Message: Sending a little love out to the cosmos ...