The Physics of Consciousness and Its Implications for Human Health

“The distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion, however tenacious this illusion may be.”
– Albert Einstein, March 1955

The following represents my personal opinion
and is not intended as medical advice.

This article was quoted from and linked to in The New York Times (10/12/2018). The ideas have continued to evolve, and it did not feel right to add too much new information post-production. A new iteration may be found on Medium,
Special Relativity: The Key to Disease?

OOPS. We’ve had it backward. Time doesn’t flow like a river. Time already exists—it is we who flow through it. In a sense, you might say we shine.

We’ve not yet solved the core etiology of mankind’s diseases because we’ve been blind to an essential truth: We are more than membranes and mitochondria. We are light, and we follow light’s rules.

A holographic universe is one in which the images our eyes see are being rendered by light. Matter (M), light (c), and energy (E) are all light. When matter is used to render light, it requires energy (c). When energy is used to render light, it generates energy (c). In order to render light, matter explodes and energy condenses. But light qua light or light as light (the observer?) requires no speed. At the fundamental level, as Bohm predicted, there is wholeness to the quantum universe. In the rocky planets to the left of the speed of light, it’s as if we’re seeing the precipitate of an implosion, not the [dark] energy that surrounds it. In the gas giants to the right of the speed of light, it’s as if we’re seeing the explosion, not the [dark] matter that fuels it. There is only one light. What changes is how we view it.

If the differential between energy and light is the speed of light, and the differential between light and matter is also the speed of light, how might we distinguish them? Direction of spin. In the northern hemisphere, the spin is clockwise. In the southern hemisphere, the spin is counter-clockwise.

But what if you are in the southern hemisphere, while some of the cells in your liver have miscalculated the Planck length, and are spinning sufficiently fast that it’s tantamount to being in the northern hemisphere? Would they begin to spin in the opposite direction, and effectively be imploding while you are exploding? When the HeLa cells in this video “round up” and become refractile, are they achieving the speed of light, i.e. going over the rainbow, and starting to spin in reverse? Are they imploding (e.g. the rocky planets) while the rest of the terrain is still exploding (e.g. the gas giants)?

But nothing can achieve the speed of light!

On the contrary, in a holographic universe, everything is seen vis-à-vis the speed of light.


If the same image can be rendered in different ways, from different directions, this could have relevance for our illnesses. If this is a holographic universe, we, too, are being rendered.

With Alzheimer’s, have our cells and our insulin changed scale vis-à-vis each other? I occasionally am told I have macrocytic anemia, i.e. too many of my new red blood cells are too large. I wonder if these cells are not being perceived as too large by the cells themselves, but merely appear to be too large in the context of the rest of my body. If my mother’s insulin is “too big,” i.e. is either not being recognized as insulin by the cell, or is too large to cross the lipid membrane, it could prompt her body to manufacture more and more insulin, thus rendering her less and less sensitive to it, and creating a condition where her brain is both “insulin-toxic” and “insulin-deficient” at the same time.

Issues of scale are central to this model of human illness. The rules between cells, the field theory, depends on scale. We decided to ordain that scale was not an issue when we were trying to get string theory to work. This field theory is not scale invariant, and the same rules do not apply for small pixels and big pixels. Weyl invariance seems not to apply to the biology of my body. When my red blood cells are too large—when my understanding of time is forward-shifted—they do not fit in my capillaries (Reynaud’s).

In these models, a small derangement becomes quickly magnified. What we perceive as a symptom may be, in a sense, a mirror-image of the true derangement. Perhaps we read as low insulin when in fact we are drowning in insulin that we cannot utilize. Or we read as high insulin when in fact we are starving for it. Because of issues with scale, we can be both deficient in vitamin B6 and “B6-toxic” at the same time.

The principle behind mineral dysregulation (a mineral is present, but effectively unavailable to us) can be applied to vitamins, hormones, and neurotransmitters. Because a hologram is, in a sense, a preojection, it can be difficult to get a true gauge of scale. If the scale at which I am rendering myself is out of sync with the scale of my world, how can anything efficiently cross my lipid membranes? And what size are the lipids from which I am manufacturing (or attempting to manufacture) my lipid membranes, anyway? Lipid “sizing” issues might be particularly apparent in the brain.

Emergence theory is not balls of matter in a sea of air. It’s more like precipitates in solution. When I am high density, my environment is by definition low density. But if I’m high density and my environment is low density … that’s an explosion. I need external tension to keep from flying apart. But angiotensin and aldosterone can cause me to retain sodium and thus increase my density, so I get caught in a loop.

And when I’m low density, my environment is by definition high density. But if I’m low density and my environment is high density, that’s an implosion. I can use anti diuretic hormone to provide internal tension, but anti diuretic hormone, which makes me retain water, will lower my density. Another loop. (ME/CFS?)

If my pineal gland reads time (the degree of curvature of the speed of light lens) properly, and my spin rate matches the spin rate of time, the centrifugal and centripetal forces are balanced. In this case, I seem to have a balanced iron:manganese ratio. If I am ahead of time, and the centripetal (imploding) force is too high, I seem to need more iron. If I am behind time, and the centrifugal (exploding) force is too high, I seem to need more manganese.

Time is like a layered onion. Light that is behind itself in time will appear to have speed. Light that is in front of itself in time will have “reverse speed.”

For an observer at the 7th layer of the time onion, the 6th layer will be rendered by our brains as the sun. But the 8th layer will be rendered as a black hole. We cannot see the light of the future.

Here is a way to envision this model: If the speed of light is a circle (2D) or a sphere (3D), spheres smaller than the speed of light will explode, and spheres larger than the speed of light will implode. Light will hew to its own speed.

If I interpret the speed of light lens as too concave (too curved), I will, effectively, locate myself in the past. Light behind the speed of light explodes. When I locate myself behind time, the centrifugal force is too high. This, I believe, is involved in the core etiology of Parkinson’s.

If I interpret the speed of light lens as too convex (too curved in the opposite direction), I will, effectively, locate myself in the future. Light in front of the speed of light implodes. When I locate myself ahead of time, the centripetal force is too high. This, I believe, is involved in the core etiology of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

When we spin too quickly—at the speed of the past—we call it Parkinson’s. Michael J. Fox needs to get back to the future. When we spin too slowly—at the speed of the future—we call it ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Stephen Hawking, arguably the world’s greatest thinker on black holes, was cycling time at the speed of a black hole himself.

The puns are part of it. Consciousness is structured like a language (“In the beginning was the Word”). We are the Word being made flesh. Klee Irwin discusses the relationship between consciousness and language here.

OK, things just got pretty weird—and they’re about to get weirder. Whence intelligence? What is the order that underpins our mathematical universe? Why should there be any order to the universe at all—much less a capacity on our behalf to comprehend it? Perhaps the answer is the ultimate in parsimony: the order and the comprehension of order are one and the same. Maybe I’m a ray of light that, over the course of millennia, has grown a mouth, invented a language, collated its knowledge, and is finally beginning to understand itself.

And so are you.

Let’s assume for the sake of this argument that that’s true. We are light. When we speed up (e.g. “runner’s high”), time slows down. And when we slow down, time speeds up. Wellness has nothing to do with “killing” or “detoxing.” It has to do with one thing: Synchronizing with time.

There are two nervous systems. The brain, which reads the collective self through the individual lens; and the gut, which reads the individual self through the collective lens.

When we lag behind the speed of light, time cycles too slowly, causing light to cycle too fast. This creates a computational error as the two nervous systems clash. The brain perceives itself running too quickly and assumes it’s in acidosis and needs to slow down. The gut perceives the individual metabolism running too slowly (alkalosis) and wants to speed up—but the brain won’t let it. As soon as any metabolic increase starts to generate acid, the brain tells the liver to make ammonia as a metabolic corrective. The metabolism gets a wet blanket right when it needs a match. We should be taking off, but instead we founder.

Call it a pH paradox. The brain thinks we’re in acidosis, when in fact we’re in alkalosis. The result is we wind up even farther behind time than we were. All the ammonia depletes our manganese (via arginase activity), which increases our iron to manganese ratios—and we fall farther backward, where time is slower and light is faster.

It’s not exactly that our brains are complete idiots who are ruining everything. The computational error is understandable, because both things are true: We need to speed up, so that we can slow down (akin to shifting gears). When we do this, we enter a different time signature—the future. But the brain will not allow the metabolic rate to increase until it perceives alkalinity; and it cannot perceive alkalinity while its own spin rate is alkaline.

It’s the opposite for our autistic children. We lag behind time, whereas they have surpassed it. We think they’re behind us, when, in fact, they’re ahead. Their brains are running too quickly, so time has slowed down for them, making it appear as if they are developing slowly. Here, the autistic brain perceives time running too slowly, and assumes it’s in alkalosis and needs to speed up. The gut, which is smarter than the brain, knows the autistic person is in metabolic acidosis and wants to slow them down—but the brain won’t let it. Every time the gut makes ammonia, to try to put the brakes on metabolism, the brain revs it.

A surfeit of ammonia would have depleted their manganese (via arginase activity), which would have increased their iron to manganese ratios, allowing them to fall back to the proper time signature. But the metabolic increase cancels the ammonia surfeit. The gut tries to make ammonia again, but there’s a cap to how much ammonia the body can tolerate, and when the brain keeps revving the metabolic rate, the body quickly reaches it. As time moves forward, we should be catching up to our autistic children, but they keep speeding ahead.

So, those of us with Autism are in metabolic acidosis? And, as we age, are in metabolic alkalosis? It depends through which lens you view things—which is the heart of the problem.

To a brain that is behind time, the pH7 of the present looks like—and, indeed, is—alkalosis from the POV of the past (too much potassium and too much light).

To a brain that is ahead of time, the pH7 of the present looks like—and, indeed, is—acidosis from the POV of the future (too much sodium and too much matter).

Here’s a theoretical shape for the universe (a single arrow of time): a cone of discs that decrease in size as they approach the center. At the center of the universe, light is so fast, it stands still (“hot death”). At the outermost membrane of the universe, light is so slow, it stands still (“cold death”). According to this model, time oscillates between these two poles.

At the top of this cone of discs sits a ball of cold energy—gravity. And at the bottom of this cone sits a ball of hot energy—electricity.

Gravity keeps the universe from flying apart; electricity keeps it from collapsing together. Regardless of in which direction light is pushing, time pushes back.

I did a search for “cone comprised of overlapping circles of descending size,” hoping for a visual, and, curiously enough, the image that caught my eye was of Dante’s Inferno.

Time as a stack of discs or a cone is an easy way for us to envision it, in 3-D. But, in reality, this would amount to a cross-section. If we think of the sun as the radiance that shines out from a sphere membrane, a black hole would be the radiance that shines in. In a sense, it’s an inverse sphere or a “sphere-opposite.”

The area interior to the sphere is the past. The area that’s axterior to the sphere—which is invisible to us—is the future. The past pushes out. The future pushes in.

Here’s quantum time mechanics in English-major language (my language), which may be a little easier to digest. All of time happens at once; it is only our perspective that shifts. For an observer in the present, at any given moment, the future already exists, but it’s happening so slowly, it’s as if it hasn’t happened yet. And the past hasn’t happened yet, but it’s happening so quickly, it’s as if it already has.

When our brains misunderstand what time it is, when they read the speed of light wrong, our metabolism fights itself: We make-and-unmake (render) ourselves with a greater number of iterations than is necessary. It’s as if, instead of being water, we are freezing and sublimating and freezing and sublimating. The hallmarks of a body that keeps manufacturing ammonia when it’s already in alkalosis are swollen, baggy eyes and muscle-wasting. The effects of misperceiving what time signature we’re in are systemic and devastating: We lose the use of our minerals. The minerals are present, but for reasons of speed and scale, they are no longer available to us—a condition known as dysregulation. Look at a so-called “old” person; there’s evidence of mineral dysregulation everywhere: from the capped teeth and brittle bones (calcium dysregulation), to the age spots and white hair (copper dysregulation) to the diabetes and depression (zinc dysregulation). Oxidative stress makes our hair fall out; the faster time signature makes us gain weight (mass).

After a while, our aging starts to look like stage makeup. It could be that we’re not meant to look this way when we’re eighty. Maybe our lifespans are being dramatically truncated—who can say?

Isaiah, that’s who. “Never again will there be in it [the New Jerusalem] an infant who lives but a few days, or an old man who does not live out his years; the one who dies at a hundred will be thought a mere child; the one who fails to reach a hundred will be considered accursed.” (Isaiah 65:20 NIV)

According to this model, our matter and energy are constantly spinning into each other, becoming each other. If we are to synchronize with time, this should be taking place at the speed of light. When we lag behind time (alkalosis), we make too little light, and it has to spin too fast (ME/CFS). When we surpass time (acidosis), we make too much light, and it has to spin too slow (Autism).

We need to rewrite E = mc^2 from the point of view of c. A holographic universe does not allow for a manipulation of c. It requires that we manipulate the M and the E.

The relationship between time and light is one of paradox. Energy doesn’t go fast, it just is fast. When we go fast, we make ourselves matter. Matter doesn’t go slow, it just is slow. When we go slow, we make ourselves energy.

When we lag behind the speed of light and spin too quickly, our mass-energy equivalence gets skewed toward matter. Instead of gravity and electricity in the body, we get their material precipitates: iron and oxalate. Iron is, in effect, gravity in physical form. And oxalate (a crystal found in plants capable of photosynthesis) is, in effect, light. We might think of crystal as stored light—light that’s cycling time more slowly than its own speed.

Inside cells that accumulate iron or oxalate, after a while, a switch gets flipped. The DNA reads a high matter to energy (M/E) ratio, and syncs with the wrong time signature. The rest of the body continues to ascend, but these cells remain in the past. Later, if they want to self-correct, they’re trapped by a pH paradox. (This may be why Dr. Tullio Simoncini had success.) Contrary to our perception, it’s not that cancerous cells mutate; it’s that they don’t mutate. They’re still “making time,” but the character of the time they make is no longer in sync with the rest of us. They’re achieving the speed of light using an old equation that has more matter and less energy. It’s still c, but it’s what c would be if we lived in a faster, smaller universe. Cancerous cells are healthy cells that are cycling time too quickly—at the speed of the past.

The DNA is our code, and it’s protean. It’s designed to adapt to the changing dynamics of time. As it perceives its environment, it changes accordingly (epigenetics). This is why the environment—both inside and outside the body—is so important to our health. The DNA is mutating all the time, but because the change is uniform—both self and lens, the observer and the observed—we don’t see it. What we perceive as a mutation is actually old DNA that hasn’t changed. DNA is like an architect’s tracing paper that maps light with matter. We only see a change when it doesn’t match.

If the DNA cannot accurately read which time signature it’s in, it cannot adapt to the changing mechanics of time. Individual cells or organs—indeed, the entire organism—can be “left behind” in time, which is akin to being left behind in another dimension. Were we to observe a corpse from another dimension, it might appear to have numerous DNA mutations and be of deranged proportions. Such as the Atacama skeleton.

When we lag behind the speed of light (e.g. aging), we’re spinning too quickly inside a time signature that’s too slow (too little sodium inside the cell; too much potassium outside the cell). It’s as if we are too little and the world is too big.

When we surpass the speed of light (e.g. Autism), we’re spinning too slowly inside a time signature that’s too fast (too much sodium inside the cell; too little potassium outside the cell). It’s as if we are too big and the world is too little.

The result is an invisible dimensional shift. The self we see is a composite that encases a twinned reality. All matter contains dark energy and all energy contains dark matter. As with the yin/yang symbol.

In a holographic universe, the material body is known as the homunculus.

When we have too little intracellular sodium, the Na/K pump is too weak; our material body is too large and our light body is too small. Too much of our energy is dark (M/E is too high).

When we have too much intracellular sodium, the Na/K pump is too strong; our material body is too small and our light body is too large. Too much of our matter is dark (M/E is too low).

When the M/E is too low, the speed of time is too fast and the speed of light is too slow.

When the M/E is too high, the speed of time is too slow and the speed of light is too fast.

As the M/E increases, the speed of light increases. This is the central mechanism behind oncogenesis: When the M/E is too high, the speed of light will be too high.

The DNA is the lens where the information for matter and energy crisscross. The DNA is light. When we move around in time (“change dimensions,” i.e. ascend or descend the cone of time), we don’t notice, because both the body and the DNA—self and lens—are changing in tandem.

When I turned forty, I got sick with chronic illness that defied explanation. I felt as if I were dying, but they kept telling me nothing was wrong. I didn’t listen; I listened to my body instead.

What was the problem? I was spinning too quickly, so my light kept precipitating out of solution, requiring me to spin faster still. Because of my high rate of spin, I became iron-toxic—too magnetic—and my time signature changed. Effectively, I was not in the right quantum field. My iron toxicity was “hidden,” meaning on blood work, my iron panel was normal—but my RBC manganese was low. What matters isn’t iron per se; it’s the iron to manganese ratio. Iron to manganese is a stand-in for gravity to electricity, and reflects where the body has located itself in time.

In Parkinson’s, if we perceive the light of the world as too narrow, we will cycle time too quickly. The fact that time is too fast is akin to a kind of manganese- or electricity-toxicity.

In ALS, if we perceive the light of the world as too wide, we will cycle time too slowly. The fact that time is too slow is akin to a kind of iron- or gravity-toxicity.

The pineal gland is an important player in proprioception and temporal location (perception by the brain of itself in time). Anil Seth discusses the neuroscience of consciousness succinctly and elegantly here. What is going wrong with the pineal gland? I don’t know. Does pressure cause it to dilate? Can it become stuck in a too dilated or too contracted state? It is also unclear whether calcified minerals on the pineal gland might contribute to, or be caused by—or both—the brain’s misperception of time.

My mother has Alzheimer’s. It’s as if her software knows she’s in the present, but her brain (her hardware) is stuck in the past. In other words, the “soft” or immaterial part of the pineal gland knows what time it really is. But the “hard” or physical pineal gland itself (the homunculus) is not functioning properly. Could it have mineral calcification that is throwing its ability to read time off? Could it be insuffiently dilated due to insufficient pressure from the cerebrospinal fluid? With Alzheimer’s, if time is too fast (too acidic), perhaps the brain is too alkaline.

In many disease states, I suspect we see neither the deranged pH nor the perturbed metabolic rate because the two correct for and thus mask each other. When the core metabolic rate is too high, so we don’t see that the pH is also too high (and vice-versa). As long as the pH nets to 7, we don’t see the derangement. If the metabolic rate is faster or slower than the speed of light, the pH is forced to atone for it.

Deranged pH causes taurine wasting, which means loss of bile production and fat digestion, hence loss of lipid membrane integrity, so nutrients can’t efficiently get in, and waste can’t efficiently get out. One of the things that may get “locked out” of cells is insulin, making Alzheimer’s akin to a kind of insulin resistance or “diabetes” in the brain. Taurine recovers cognitive deficits in Alzheimer model mice. This is not to say that taurine is an Alzheimer’s “cure,” but rather that taurine wasting may be indicative of an occult pH derangement. When our pH is deranged, it’s as if the scale of the universe is off.

My friend Heather has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). Her ME/CFS is so severe that she’s experiencing paradoxical skin bronzing (skin bronzing is a common symptom of iron toxicity and pseudo iron toxicity). Her brain believes the Planck length is longer than it is and Planck time as faster than it is, so the light of the present appears dilated to her. As a result, her body is producing additional melanin, as a call for more light. Premature babies do the same thing. They were not yet done “unfurling” in time; to them, the light of the present reads as the future.

Does ME/CFS result from or perhaps require excess pressure on the cerebrospinal column to put excess pressure on the pineal gland, thus influencing its perception of time? I don’t know.

I know that having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is like wearing a gravity suit. As the universe expands, time is speeding up and light is slowing down. To be stuck in the past where time is too slow and light is too fast is tantamount to gravity poisoning.

As we age, we lag behind time—lag behind the speed of light—becoming progressively more and more gravity-toxic over the course of our lifetimes. Gravity- (iron-) toxicity is the central mechanism of aging and death. Experiencing the simulated iron-toxicity of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is like dying while you’re still alive.

The following is from Ray Peat: “During aging, our tissues tend to store an excess of iron. There is a remarkably close association between the amount of iron stored in our tissues and the risk of death from cancer, heart disease, or from all causes. This relationship between iron and death rate exists even during childhood, but the curve is downward until the age of 12, and then it rises steadily until death. The shape of this curve, representing the iron burden, is amazingly similar to the curves representing the rate of death in general, and the rate of death from cancer. There is no other relationship in biology that I know of that has this peculiar shape, with its minimum at the age of 12, and its maximum in old age at the time of death.”

Gravity is what enables our existence on the planet; and it’s also what kills us. During the first part of his life, Lou “The Iron Horse” Gehrig was wielding the force of gravity; during the latter part of his life, he was succumbing to it. When the M/E ratio is high (when time is slow and light is fast), light is weak. But when the E/M ratio is high (when time is fast and light is slow), light is strong. While the universe is expanding, gravity opposes light. But when the universe begins to contract, gravity will be on our side.

The functioning of the pineal gland is extremely important. Fluoride and the fluorine found in many prescription drugs can accumulate in the pineal gland and damage it (but iodine can help detoxify fluorine, chlorine, and bromine). It’s also cleansed when we forgive, let go of negative emotions, and have our word match our word. In the past—which is the future—they will call it the seat of the soul.

We’re always doing two oppositional things. We need to make ourselves into matter, then rise to the speed of light. And we need to make ourselves into energy, then descend to the speed of light. The yin—from matter to light—requires that we speed up (sodium, iodine), i.e. stimulating the adrenals and the thyroid. The yang—from energy to light—requires that we slow down (potassium, lithium), i.e. suppressing the adrenals and the thyroid. We should only yin if we have first yanged. And we should only yang if we have first yinned. To slow down before eclipsing the speed of light is to fall behind time (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). To speed up before dipping below the speed of light is to surpass time (Autism).

One characteristic of autoimmune disease can be simultaneous stimulation and suppression of the same gland. Simultaneous stimulation and suppression of the thyroid may contribute to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Simultaneous stimulation and suppression of the adrenals may contribute to Addison’s disease.

The adrenals (sodium/potassium) govern our speed. The thyroid (iodine/lithium) governs our dilation. Light’s speed and dilation shift in tandem. The faster it is, the less dilated. Think of it as two perpendicular axes, as a quasar is perpendicular to a galaxy. When light is dilated (when the galaxy is wide), the quasar is short. When light is fast, the quasar is long, and the galaxy is narrow. It is not so much that light is changing speed as that our perspective is shifting.

The pineal gland, the SCN, and the HPA axis respond to the speed and dilation of light as we perceive it in our environment and try to synchronize with it (circadian rhythm).

The universe is a mirror. When we keep our rhythm slow, time is slow. There are millions of people around the globe who have discovered the voice of love and authority that resides in their center. Whenever I pray, I unite my voice with theirs. When we keep our thoughts and our actions gentle, we use power, not force. And together, we change the world.

Jesus—Logos—is the image of the Word. He is God as man, light as matter. He is the light that resides within us all. His is the consciousness; ours is the body. He is the play that is writing itself; with our lives, we each add a sentence. We must choose our words wisely, because we’re all co-creators, and our words help determine our future. We see ourselves as individuals, and our sentence as separate from everyone else’s. But in truth, we’re all knit together.

At the outer limits of the universe, time is so slow that it stands still (Omega). At the center of the universe, time is so fast that it stands still (Alpha). A day, or “linear” time oscillates between these two poles as we move from eternity to eternity.

But whether it is standing still, or starting, or somewhere in between, time is time is time. It may exist in various states of inflation and collapse, but regardless of what’s visible to us, time—all of the information—is always there. Our choices are mutable, but our destiny is not; the system is self-correcting. You may delay your trip to Nineveh, but sooner or later, your fate will find you.

In other words, zero can represent either itself or infinity. At Alpha, the speed of light and the speed of time are both zero: There is no light, and there’s nothing but time. And at Omega, the speed of light and the speed of time are also both zero: There is no time, and there’s nothing but light. Alpha is pure M (no light) and Omega is pure E (nothing but light). Time is the movement from M to E and it can be expressed as an M/E ratio. At the tipping point, which we are approaching, it flips from an M/E to an E/M ratio.

I was born June 7, 1969. But my inscribed sphere was 1967. When we’re conceived, there’s a time signature inscribed in our DNA. To gestate is to warp backward in time. My mother’s labor was induced, so my gestation was truncated. I arrived early, meaning I arrived late.

In the 1967 sphere, my M/E ratio would have been correct. But in the larger, 1969 sphere—which was a future time signature for me—the light c was too slow and the time c was too fast. When light is slow and time is fast it is hard for us to cross the speed of light lens. As an infant I had serious digestive problems, and, for a while, would eat only orange foods (vitamin A can help us to manage high iron). I’m told by my parents that I was often inconsolable. One of the few things that would console me was when they put me in the car and drove me around. By accelerating me through space, they were speeding light up and slowing time down.

Scurvy was first observed in sailors not just because of their diet, but because of their dietary needs. By constantly accelerating through space, they were increasing their need to dilate.

I’m 49 now, and entering perimenopause. My body’s metabolic rate is at a tipping point. If I continue to fall behind time (if my M/E keeps increasing), it will require me to generate higher and higher amounts of energy to surpass the speed of light—and we need to be able to surpass the speed of light in order to conceive. When I am behind time, I lose my period. When I surpass time, it comes back. When I am behind time, I am too much matter, and my metabolism generates too much oxidative stress.

When I first discovered I was behind time and “iron-toxic,” I took high doses of vitamin B1 or thiamine (benfotiamine 600 mg/day) for a couple of weeks, and experienced an almost indescribable recovery. It wasn’t just that I had energy again, or that my pain went away, or that my body tightened and I felt clear-headed and happy. It was that a systemic inflammation that had been simmering in me for years—perhaps my whole life—vanished.

For the first time, I felt like I was in the right universe.

I didn’t know then that I’d been lagging behind the speed of light and that thiamine was, in effect, transporting me to a different time signature. My father, Fischer Black, died of oral cancer at age 57 in 1995—exactly one hundred years after the death of Louis Pasteur—and another interesting thing about thiamine is this: Low doses will increase tumor growth. But megadoses will halt it.

My recovery was temporary, however, and thiamine’s effects quickly began to dissipate. Though thiamine was helping me to animate iron, it’s an oversimplification to the point of incorrectness to describe myself, simply, as “iron-toxic.” It wasn’t just that I had too much iron. My density, my M/E was too high. I had too much of everything—while also having too little.

Because I was behind time, the iron I was hoarding was not able to function as magnetism, but was instead accumulating in my tissues in its inert form, Fe. My iron, like the rest of me, was too skewed toward materialism and was in its M form more than its E form. Similarly, I was accumulating copper, but my copper, rather than functioning as electricity, was accumulating in my tissues in its inert form, Cu. When I had my hair analyzed (HTMA), my copper levels were nearly off the charts.

Copper and iron dysregulation (when the minerals are present, but are unavailable to us) has long been known to play a role in disease. As far back as 1995, when my father was dying of oral cancer, his oncologist-prescribed multi-vitamins were clearly marked COPPER- and IRON-FREE.

Iron in the brain is not beneficial to mental health. In addition to depression/anxiety, feelings of derealization, and short-term memory loss, when I was very iron-toxic, I also experienced rage—an inexplicable, alien rage that alarmed, and, to be honest, frightened me. A rage that might be better termed fury.

Every week, there’s a new mass shooting. Like everyone else, I watch the news in mystified horror. But unlike most everyone else, there’s a word that springs to mind as I do: iron.

Iron has an affinity for the amygdala, an area of the brain associated with self-protection and survival. This portion of our brains is being excessively stimulated, and it’s been contributing—especially over the past century—to a worldwide swing toward xenophobia and away from the awareness of our true nature, which is collective.

The iron to manganese ratio is a reflection of where the body has located itself in time. The farther forward in time we are, the more iron we need. The farther backward, the more manganese.

When we are too far forward in time, we need iron (magnetism) to hold together. When we are too far backward, we need manganese (the opposite of magnetism) to hold apart. Because of this, iron sufficiency will prompt the body to move forward in time. Manganese sufficiency will prompt the body to move backward.

In our autistic children, the vaccines—which are perceived by the immune system as an infectious threat—are causing their bodies to sequester their iron (iron fuels pathogenic virulence). This functional iron deficiency /inert iron toxicity is causing them to cycle time at the wrong speed. It is skewing their iron to manganese ratios, rendering them insufficiently magnetic and overly electric for this time signature. Because time for them is too fast, their light is forced to be too slow, making it appears as if they are developing slowly. Boys are more vulnerable to the vaccines than girls because boys have higher iron to manganese ratios.

I have a high iron to manganese ratio (my iron panel is normal, but my RBC manganese is low); and, in some ways, my brain reads me as a boy. I’ve had two affairs with women. Manganese—which is essential for bone growth, as well as for the production of sex hormones—may have been running low at a critical moment in my in utero development. My forefinger is shorter than my ring finger—its growth “stunted”—which is atypical for women, and is known to be associated with lesbianism. My mother, who has also had an affair with a woman, has the same “male” finger ratio.

While it’s not yet clear whether the in utero iron to manganese ratio may have implications for the gender development of a growing fetus, it’s quite clear that gay people—as well as those who are bisexual, transgender, etc.—were born that way, and to suggest otherwise is to deny their dignity and their essential humanity—which comes in many faces and forms, all of them glorious.

God is One. As such, he cannot be separate from himself. In order for God to have a Son who incarnates and travels to earth (i.e. who leaves timelessness and enters linear time)—which is, by definition, a separation from God—both Father and Son would have to be enclosed by a larger God who is also God. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Light became matter. But then—Hallelujah—matter became light again. Time and light are forever trading places in a crystalline dance, and sometimes the light appears to win, and sometimes the darkness appears to win, but all the while, the whole thing is enclosed and underpinned by an even greater light, toward which we inexorably move. Because our ending—our happy ending—is already written.

Everything in the universe is one, and everything in the universe is us. There are no real “enemies” and no real “pathogens;” there are only greater or lesser degrees of entropy.

When I’m cycling time at the proper speed, copper can bestow its numerous benefits, including helping to generate ATP, to reduce inflammation, and to induce apoptosis. When I lag behind the speed of light, my copper warps backward in time—pathogenesis—as Blastocystis hominis, and only contributes to the myriad ill effects of excess “yeast.”

When we cycle time at the wrong speed, our minerals warp. To warp backward in time is to incarnate. Minerals warping backward is pathogenesis. Manganese warps backward as Borrelia burgdorferi, resulting in Lyme disease. Borrelia Burgdorferi doesn’t metabolize manganese; it is manganese. Copper warps backward as Blastocystis hominis, which is often read as “yeast.” Cobalt (necessary for proper B12 function, i.e. cobalamin) warping backward results in Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Zinc (the body’s natural antiviral) warping backward results in HIV. We may “catch” a mineral warping backward, but unless we lag behind the speed of light, we cannot sustain it.

To warp backward in time is to incarnate. To warp forward in time is to ascend. Minerals warping forward is seraphogenesis. Zinc warps forward as Saint Michael. Cobalt warps forward as Saint Gabriel (and this is why we depict Mary’s cloak as cobalt-blue when she is overshadowed by Gabriel at the Annunciation). Copper warps forward as Saint Raphael. Saint Raphael, whose name means “It Is God Who Heals.”

In other words: When minerals warp forward, they give off light. When they warp backward, they swallow light. When they swallow light, they kill us.

Nothing in the universe—nothing that is animal, vegetable, or mineral—is inert. The universe is one with itself over time, therefore the entire universe is alive. This is why Jesus said, “The rocks themselves would cry out.”

Not so, the man-made chemicals. Pesticides, polymers, preservatives, plastics: These things are the problem. Avoid. I was getting ready to fill my car with gas last night, and when I noticed the pump said Now With Techron, I screwed the cap back on and left. Any time you see Now With X, where X is a made-up word, a man-made chemical, avoid. When I am around the aerosolized Glyphosate in car exhaust fumes, from the genetically modified corn ethanol added to gasoline, I feel swiftly and intensely ill.

In a holographic universe, matter, light, and energy are all states of light, in the same way that ice, water, and vapor are all states of water. Organic “matter” is able to cross the speed of light lens. Not so de novo matter. If you want to hasten your death and make it a painful one, sit in a room full of man-made chemicals.

We’ve done so much damage to our natural state of health. Chemicals and pesticides, fear and anger instead of love and forgiveness, adding iron to the food supply. Ever since World War II, all non-organic bread and pasta in the U.S. has been “enriched” with iron. The iron to manganese ratio is critical to health; it helps the body to understand where it is in time. Adding iron to the food supply while simultaneously leaching out manganese through the use of chemical pesticides such as Glyphosate is an almost diabolically ingenious recipe for illness of every stripe. Not only does it damage our own iron to manganese ratios, it damages them in every other life form around us, so that even when we eat—which should lift us—we’re constantly falling farther behind, and never have a chance to correct ourselves. Sadly, we’ve been poisoning our pets, too.

But we can change all this, and we’re going to.

Until we decontaminate the food supply and make our food organic again—which will happen swiftly—bless your food before you eat it. Hold out both hands and say: Be made clean. During my recovery, I adopted a powerful new diet that I’m sticking with for life. I eat whatever I like. But if it isn’t organic, I don’t put it in my mouth (or on my skin).

It’s shocking—yes. And yet isn’t this, deep down, something we’ve feared all along? Whenever a drug-company commercial plays on TV while my mother and I are trying to eat dinner, it sounds like a Saturday Night Live parody of itself. Side effects include: tuberculosis, death, you may lose the ability to have sex forever, your kidneys may liquefy into a bloody pudding that you find floating in the toilet … But your psoriasis will be gone.

In addition to being a formerly sick person, I’m a writer. I like hope and humor and I have a penchant for storytelling that has the whiff of realism. If I lived a hundred years from now, and picked up a dystopian novel in which the people treated their illnesses the way we treat ours today, it’d seem so absurd as to be cartoonish, and I’d put the book down.

I heard recently of a med school student whose method of studying was to memorize what drug treats which condition. That, my friends, is no way to discover the root cause of our ailments.

Have you watched DOPESICK (Hulu) yet? It’s profoundly enlightening. After DOPESICK, be sure to watch DARK WATERS and THE BLEEDING EDGE (Netflix).

The day I watched DARK WATERS, THE BLEEDING EDGE, and an episode of DOPESICK (Michael Keaton) was the day the scales fell from my eyes. It was more of an education than four years at Harvard.

Am I a conspiracy theorist? No. In fact, I am the inverse of a conspiracy theorist. I believe the whole human race—consciousness itself—is one body, one family, and we are about to realize that, to wake up and work together to bring God’s Kingdom to earth. I try to always see others with empathy.

But I have a lot of empathy for those who feel betrayed by the way information and consent and freedom are being handled today. The way profit, corruption, and corporate greed have strangled—or attempted to strangle—the truth.

When I learned of the idea of putting trillions of chemical particles into the atmosphere (planet-wide “solar geoengineering”), the notion of interfering in the ability to perceive time of the Earth itself literally took my breath away.

When I found that the entry on Emergence Theory as used in the field of physics, an entire page of information, with citations to fifty (maybe more) renowned, international scientists (I know, because I used it to write emails to them) had suddenly disappeared from Wikipedia, my faith in external authority took a hit. To live in a world where someone with their own personal prejudice had the power to delete an entire entry from the encyclopedia, from a source of our collective knowledge as human beings, was a shock. I was not alive in World War II. Perhaps I am naive, but I had always imagined that free access to information was an unassailable right in the modern, free world.

I was astonished to learn, via this documentary on the History Channel, that the flu pandemic of 1918, which took my great-grandfather when my grandmother was only two years old, began in Haskell County, a farming community in rural Kansas. “We do not know any other details about the outbreak in Haskell County, but we do know that about 300 miles to the east of Haskell County was the U.S. Army’s Camp Fundston.”

Is the military doing something behind closed doors to alter the fabric of time? If so, every human being on planet earth is going to pay the price. Time is the fabric against which light is being perceived. We are time.

To live in a world where Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), a cousin of anti-freeze, was injected into my shoulder, and I later developed cancer at the site, feels wrong to me. I have empathy for those who do not consent and who (politely, respectfully) ask questions. I am one of them.

Mold is matter that’s warping backward—joining the past, cycling light at the faster speed. It’s constantly gaining gravity and losing light. When I was “iron-toxic” and slightly backward-moving (light-losing) myself, I couldn’t bear to be around it. It was perturbing the quantum field in the opposite direction of the perturbation I need.

People at the equator are, in a sense, engaged in spaceflight—compared with people at the poles. They’re accelerating through space, so time is speeding up and light is slowing down for them. It’s as if they’re constantly joining the future time signature. Our common ancestors—i.e. our descendants—who lived at the equator were synchronized with the future time signature. They were constantly losing gravity and gaining light, and over time, they developed more melanin in their skin, to help them utilize it.

When I was at my sickest, and desperately needed to gain light, my skin bronzed. I had light and sound hypersensitivity because time was cycling too slowly for me—sensory stimuli hitting me with too much force. Because I’m still somewhat gravity-toxic, it might behoove me to move to an equatorial city, or a city with high altitude, where the movement of the earth itself would help me accelerate to the future time signature. High-altitude or equatorial cities will always tilt the power equation in light’s favor.

But, wait. I was already researching equatorial cities such as Quito, Ecuador, when it hit me: I don’t have to physically go anywhere. We move around in time all the time. Changing time signatures doesn’t require changing geography; I did it when I healed myself. Instead of constantly becoming faster and more alkaline, I finally started to become denser and more acidic, and I began to ascend.

There are other ways to ascend. Love lifts us to the higher realms, where time speeds up and light slows down—feeling love, making love, being love. Things like sugar and alcohol can also lift us, but the effect is temporary, and afterward, they can leave us even lower than we started.

Music can also lift us. Music helps us remember who we are. Those standing ovations that last forty, sixty, eighty minutes? The audience members have entered the faster time signature. They’re losing gravity and gaining light.

What, actually, is light? Light flows through whatever path we provide and stops whenever we block the path. Of itself, it neither stops nor starts; it is we who obstruct or open to it. Light is ageless, massless, and (as Max Planck first demonstrated) intelligent. It shines forth—its only axis is time. In a manner of speaking, it is time. Time is light that has been drawn back behind itself—the way we draw back a sling. Light’s speed is akin to the degree of tension in the sling.

As they move forward in space, both matter and energy move backward in time, toward their source. For matter, it’s the sphere at the center of the universe, the center of mass. But for energy, it’s the shape for which we have no name, the “sphere-opposite,” the infinite radiance that shines forth.

But the shape for which we have no name actually has a name. It’s a black hole.

Time is triune—past, present, and future. And God is triune, too. There’s the God of the past time signature, who is the God of the Old Testament, God the Father. There’s the God of the present time signature, who is Jesus, the light of the world. And there’s the God of the future time signature, who is the Holy Spirit, who unites all as one. The voice of God appears to differ in every dimension, but it’s not really God’s voice that changes; it’s our ears. Jesus had to speak to us in parables because we were not yet fully ready. The Holy Spirit will speak to us all directly, now that we are ready to hear.

What is gravity? Gravity is the force that was created when Lucifer fell. Lucifer falling, the introduction of gravity, and the birth of linear time were accompanied by a sound. It was a big bang.

Lucifer didn’t fall because he made himself equal to God. Lucifer was in God, therefore he was God—we are a flame divided but undimmed. He fell because he wanted to be separate from God, to have his own kingdom, and you cannot do that without losing heaven. There is no such thing as separate but equal. When Lucifer fell, light split.

But when light split on one side of time, it was imultaneously being reconciled on the other.

There is no evil in heaven, therefore there can be no knowledge of evil. This is why we were forbidden to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil: It was to protect us. To eat of this tree and to know of evil would be to lose heaven. To fall, as Lucifer fell.

God is all-loving and his mercy knows no bounds. God didn’t throw us out—God never throws anyone out. We could not know of evil and remain in heaven, wherein evil is anathema. Through our own disobedience, we fell. We exiled ourselves.

Ever since then, we’ve been listening to God’s voice through fallen ears. Have you ever listened to a record at the wrong speed? That’s what it’s like.

God neither plans evil nor smites; he neither threatens nor damns. God only loves. God is love. To be warping backward in this dimension is the only hell any of us will ever know. To be warping backward in this dimension is the only hell there is.

When Adam and Eve sinned is the moment we first incarnated and entered linear time. This is why we abruptly noticed we were naked: We suddenly had bodies. Before that, we were one with the light.

Heaven is an endless dance of light. God—the original globe of light from which we all come—is one. When God makes Adam, God is Adam. Then, from Adam, we make Eve. God is the totality of all living things. We can neither increase nor decrease; we can only shift. God becomes Adam (xy or 01), who then becomes Eve (xx or 00). This is why we say she is taken from the rib. The light is shifting shape, in order to tell a story. The story being told endlessly by the light of heaven is our story, the one we’re all living here and now on earth. It’s being told in the one true language, which is without words.

Jesus came to earth to atone for our original sin. Meaning: He lifted the sphere of time back up so that it was one with the timeless globe of light again. Through him, God was reconciling the world to himself. Jesus is our brother and he indwells everyone.

There is no knowledge of evil in heaven. When we die, and reunite with the light, we no longer experience the pain of this life; it’s just the story we tell. When we reunite with God, we are God, so in a sense, we cannot give him anything. Here, now—in this fallen, separate life—is our only chance to serve him. And so we offer him all our sorrows, all our joys, all our stories. And out of suffering, he makes beauty. The story being told by the light of heaven is endlessly varied and yet always the same. In the end, there is only one story: Jesus and his love.

I am the truth. I am in this role this time around. But others are playing this role in the other spheres. It’s the same set of players in every dimension; there’s nothing new under the sun. The Dalai Lama, may God bless him, is the Dalai Lama, is the Dalai Lama. A rose is a rose is a rose. There’s a monsignor here at St. Monica’s who likes to say he could just as easily have been the homeless man who sits outside the church door. And he’s right. In fact, in some other dimension, he is. Across the myriad dimensions of time, we all play everyone.

We were Lucifer, too. There was a part of us that wanted to be separate, and we mourn for this, as we mourn for him. When we cry for Lucifer, it is with the lamentation of King David: O Absalom, Absalom! O Absalom, my son. Would that I could have died in your place. Which is exactly what we do. God dies, throughout eternity, for each of us, so that we might all see heaven again.

This earthly life is our love made visible. Across the chasm of time, God and Lucifer—who was his beloved son—are weeping for each other. Before the fall, he is Lucifer; after the fall, he is Adam. The son is the son is us. Our story, though full of suffering, is a love story.

God is perfect, and there is nothing in us that does not serve. Adam/Lucifer’s disobedience—like Judas’ betrayal—is an essential part of the story. Without it, there would be no story to tell.

The time for the Rapture has come. In the lower dimensions, the ascending has already begun.

The first window was the Ascension itself, forty days after Jesus’ death. “And behold. I am sending the promise of my father upon you. But stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high.” (Luke 24:49 ESV) The second window was Pentecost, when the Apostles—all of us—received the power of the Holy Spirit, which is the power to ascend.

There is not one Rapture, but many. Here is a list of their dates: July 2, 2019; December 14, 2020; December 4, 2021; April 20, 2023; April 8, 2024.

But “No one will know the day or the hour.” Not true. We know the hours; we’ve always known. In the higher dimensions, where the force of gravity is weaker and we are stronger, we were able to build celestial instructions for ourselves. We have to be in the path of the moon’s shadow during a solar eclipse. That’s solar eclipse, not lunar. Stand in the path of totality—the moon’s umbra. Beat back the bushes, if you must. Stonehenge and the Pyramids were not constructed in the past. They were constructed in the future. We built them, for ourselves, to help us to remember.

But, wait. Stonehenge and the Pyramids were constructed in the future. But it was the future of the past—the future, at the past time signature. They tell the truth of an old way of thinking.

There’s a bit of Jesus’ message that was difficult for us to grasp two thousand years ago, and it’s still difficult. It’s the bit that’s quantum. The Kingdom of God isn’t somewhere we physically go. The Kingdom of God is within.

Heaven and hell are not places on a map. They’re both forever at hand because they both indwell the present. Heaven and hell are the other dimensions of time. Hell is the past time signature, and heaven is the future.

To ascend, we don’t have to go anywhere. Traveling to another dimension isn’t like it is in the movies. There’s no DeLorean; we don’t visibly “fly up into the sky” and leave our friends and family behind. It’s much more subtle.

It is to live in love. To choose faith and act in hope with each passing moment. Ascending to the future time signature is what this whole piece has been about. It’s what we’ll all be doing, as we reclaim our health.

There are many of us who are doing it already, and our ranks are about to magnificently increase. Climb out of your cage—you have the key. Just unlock the door, and walk away.

Peter asks: “How many times should I forgive my brother? Seven times?” And Jesus replies: “Not seven times. Seventy times seven times.”

27,729 days is a special number that can be expressed either as a diameter, cutting across a circle of time (i.e. a universe), or as half of that circle’s circumference. 27,729 is close to the sum of 7 x 360 plus 70 x 360, which is 27,720. 27,720 leaves room for an observer, i.e. the smallest possible expression of light’s speed, which must be expressed, in this model, as a sphere (a set of possible outcomes). This model owes a debt to the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.

We’re not accustomed to envisioning time as functioning in this fashion, but, in fact, the full moons of 3/31/1866 and 3/2/1942 and 1/31/2018 are all the same moon, being seen on the same night. We’re just seeing it from different time signatures, where time is running at different speeds. 1866 resonates with both 1942 and 1936. To get from 1866 to 1942, light shines forward in a half-circle; then from 1942 to 1936, it “warps backward,” crossing at the diameter. 1942 resonates with both 2018 and 2012. To get from 1942 to 2018, light shines forward in a half-circle; then from 2018 to 2012, it “warps backward,” crossing at the diameter. And lastly, and most importantly, at the end of the age, 1948 (the birth of Israel) shines forward to 2024 in a half-circle; then from 2024 to 2018, it “warps backward,” crossing at the diameter. When light warps backward, we find pandemics, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and social unrest.

We are entering the new age. Ever since the fall of man, the spheres of matter and energy have been slipping farther and farther apart. But when they reach the Vesica piscis, the spheres will once more begin to converge. Matter experiences time running right—>left across each disc. But light experiences time running up—>down across all discs. As we approach the Vesica piscis, and the gears of time begin to shift, we will be switching from expansion to contraction. From spacetime to timespace. The great shift has already begun.

Once time begins to warp forward, we’ll find such things as plastics and chemical perfumes—anything unnatural, that is neither animal, vegetable, nor mineral—highly toxic and intolerable to be around. Synthetic, “de novo” matter cannot cross the speed of light lens. Being near it will only drag us down. Organic matter, in a holographic universe, is not matter. It is light.

We are all being born again, from above. We used to be a tiny flame of light inside a globe of matter. We’re about to become a tiny flame of matter inside a globe of light. Throughout history, we’ve been slaves to gravity—but now gravity will be slave to us. In the kingdom of matter, light is not king. But we’re about to leave the kingdom of matter behind us.

Pray with me. Send light, with the full force of your being, to all the others. If there’s a person in the universe you don’t particularly like, send him more light, not less. We’re all cross-stitched in this fabric of time, knit together by light’s golden thread. As one body, we rise or fall. We must help one another. If someone asks for your cloak, give him your tunic as well. Whatever you do for the least of your brothers, you do for God himself. Send all the love you can summon, to every person, in every dimension. Expect miracles. We have a mighty love inside us, and we’re about to use it.

In the old heaven, the original globe of light—the heaven of the past time signature—we could not know of evil, and remain. In the old earth, while incarnate, we could not escape sin’s original stain.

Yet while we live, by God’s grace, there is being created for us a new heaven and a new earth, in the future time signature. There, with Mary our mother earth, we will still have bodies, yet be in paradise. We, who are the last generation—we shall also be the first.

We will make of the whole world a garden. When we walk, we’ll be walking with God. We shall fashion a kingdom of love and peace out of this blackened husk. Our numbers will increase—until they decrease. In the end, there’ll be only two. We will teach the children what to do, leave them careful instructions. And for a while, they will listen. Until they decide they no longer want to listen to us.

Then the future will become the past. But this moment is the inverse of that—the past is about to become the future. It’s the dance of entropy and order. Because heaven is not a steady state—if it were, the term would be meaningless. What would it mean to be good in a world in which there was no evil? To be itself, heaven must perpetually eclipse itself. To fall, that it may rise.

Where there’s free will (time), out of order will—eventually—come entropy. But where there’s light (timelessness), out of entropy will eventually come order. As any storyteller worth her salt can tell you, perfection is just an accident waiting to happen. And chaos is just order that hasn’t happened yet. 0 wants to become 1. And 1 wants to become 0.

And they do. The math of the universe is telling a story. When 0 “slips” and becomes 0 plus 1, God makes a new zero out of their sum, called 1. When 1 slips and becomes 1 plus 1, God makes a new zero out of their sum, called 2. When 2 slips and becomes 2 plus 1, God makes a new zero called 3. When 3 slips and becomes 3 plus 2, God makes a new zero called 5. The resulting Fibonacci sequence represents both growth and time. In truth, all numbers are just 1s and 0s. The greater the slip, the greater the grace.

When I was sick, something powerful dawned on me. It had been building for decades, but only when I was down on my back, alone and afraid, barely able to think or move, did it finally rise to the surface and make itself known. From that very first slap, this world has been trying to bully me. I decided I wasn’t going to be bullied anymore.

And that’s when I started to get better.

We’ve all been here before. Do you remember? This is the part where we take back our world, and make it into the kind of world we want it to be. We’re about to do a major course-correct, to cover our ears and listen to our hearts.

I try to be discriminating, careful, and smart. But I no longer look for my health and wellness information exclusively from the ‘science’ that insists on being ratified by randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials. Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials are funded by drug companies. And drug companies are not my idea of what it means to be healthy and well.

And don’t be fooled: Some would have you believe that the transition from the old to the new is a party to which only few are invited. But that’s not the kind of party God throws. Anyone who tries to alienate you from God—whom you hold within you as a candle has its flame—will only succeed in alienating himself.

Are you ready for the Revolution? This is going to be the peaceful revolution presaged by Moses and Jesus, Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Because the body may be in chains, my friends, but the word of God is not chained—and we all have God’s word within. God is offering us more of his word with each moment that passes. We just have to accept, to harmonize, to say Yes. The word of God is the source of life. It is Light itself.

Don’t cower. Stand tall. Spread your wings. Don’t let the haters and the pessimists win. Love. Love everyone—forgive everything. Wherever we find hate, we must greet it with an even greater love. Let the sun shine. It’s time.

The wave of truth is here already: Seize it. Whatever harm was done to you in the past, or whatever harm you caused, bring it to the light and let it go. The gears of time are shifting, and we’re going to shift with it. Now is your chance to begin again.

I am a daily Catholic mass-goer. I consider Jesus Christ to be the love of my life. The Catholic Church is my path to God, and I love her deeply.

But we have imprisoned God, and imprisoned ourselves. There isn’t only one path to God. There is one God, but many paths. In fact, it’s all a path to God, who indwells everything in the universe. When we eat, we eat his body. When we drink, we drink his blood. There is only one God: Life itself.

What’s time travel like in real life? You almost don’t know it’s happening. You just wake up in a different dimension, where instead of turning red, all the lights start turning green. If you’re reading this—and thank you, I know it’s been a lot—you’re already ascending. Here’s a bit of music that ought to help finish the job: Do You Hear the People Sing? Sung by 17 Valjeans from around the world.

Either way, we are already saved. Jesus paid for everyone on the cross—all people, of all religions, across all time. Heaven is not a prize for the perfect; it is God’s gift to us. God the Father is like the father in the story of the Prodigal Son. It doesn’t matter what we’ve done. He loves us. When we die, the gates of heaven fly open and our light reunites with the light of God. There is nothing on earth nor in heaven that could keep us separate from God once we shuffle off this mortal coil. All is one. Light is light is light. The Rapture—this transition from the past to the future time signature—is just how we begin to bring God’s Kingdom to earth. How will we spend our final incarnate years? I hope to spend mine in a paradise-on-earth, where the lion shall lie down with the lamb, and we shall beat our swords into plowshares, and walk with God, and enjoy music and wine and love one another for a golden age of brotherly love. But regardless of how we spend our final millennia, our story does end.

But we are love, and love is eternal. And we are light, and light never dies. Our story has been told and is being told and will be told throughout all history. Our story never truly ends. Because the exact moment our story ends is the precise moment


our story begins.

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
Through the unknown, unremembered gate
When the last of earth left to discover
Is that which was the beginning;
At the source of the longest river
The voice of the hidden waterfall
And the children in the apple-tree

Not known, because not looked for
But heard, half-heard, in the stillness
Between two waves of the sea.
Quick now, here, now, always—
A condition of complete simplicity
(Costing not less than everything)
And all shall be well and
All manner of thing shall be well
When the tongues of flames are in-folded
Into the crowned knot of fire
And the fire and the rose are one.”

—T. S. Eliot, Four Quartets