As With Quarks, So With Us.

By alethea | November 7

The same forces at play in the world of quarks and electrons are at play in us. We are not separate from the form and substance of the universe, but one with it — […]

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It’s All About Spin.

By alethea | October 31

Think of something with spin. It goes faster and faster until it’s spinning so fast, it seems to stop. Only — it hasn’t really stopped. It’s just wearing its spin on the inside. This […]

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The Metabolic Rate Is Crucial.

By alethea | September 17

Light is timeless because it wears its spin on the inside. And so must we. The quantum field is the border between time and timelessness. It’s the sphere (for the sake of simplicity, I’ll […]

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Light Is Like Water.

By alethea | September 7

We’re all immersed in a sea of light. We just can’t see it. Only when the core metabolism — the metabolic rate of spin — is fast enough can we use our minerals. When […]

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Wait. What?

By alethea | August 22

Time isn’t something solid, like a block. It’s something we create, moment by moment, like a movie. Illness results from errors in the way we create time. Einstein was right. The distinction between past, […]

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The Holographic Principle

By alethea | August 17

It sounds like science fiction, but it’s not. Modern physics takes very seriously the idea of the universe as a hologram or a simulation or projection of some kind. But we’ve suffered from the […]

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In a Nutshell ….

By alethea | July 31

I’m a professional writer whose interest in biology and physics began nine years ago, when I turned forty, in an attempt to get at the root cause of my own ‘mystery illness.’ I had to […]

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What’s Working for Me

By alethea | July 4

If the problem were simple, our bodies would have solved it themselves. But it’s two-pronged. Some of us need to increase our metabolic rate, but we can’t, because to increase metabolism generates acid, and […]

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It’s About Time

By alethea | July 1

It’s not that we’re aging. It’s that the mechanics of time are changing. As the universe accelerates away from the beginning of time, gravity is decreasing and time is slowing down. As we better […]

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We Are Awakening

By alethea | June 7

In the 1990 film “Awakenings,” based on Oliver Sacks’s memoir of the same name, a patient called Lucy Fishman (Alice Drummond), although in a catatonic state, suddenly catches a ball when it’s thrown to […]

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