In a Nutshell

By alethea | February 11

I got sick, and no one could figure out what was wrong, so I had to figure it out myself. But being an outsider and an autodidact gave me an advantage: seeing the body […]

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This Field is Not Inertial

By alethea | January 8

As the universe accelerates, time is slowing down, and the powers of hydrogen—the powers of light—are increasing. But we don’t perceive this, because we’re one with it. We cannot measure acceleration unless we’re outside […]

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New Eyes on the Double-Slit Experiment

By alethea | December 28

When we accelerated the photons in the double-slit experiment, they did not move forward in space, but time. Matter’s medium is space. Light’s medium is time. When light accelerates, it enters the future. What […]

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Time’s Relativity

By alethea | September 25

Whether we call the universe holographic, or digital, or simulated, the thing to remember is this: our bodies are part of it. The fabric of reality pertains to our bodies, too. To discuss the […]

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Wait. What?

By alethea | August 22

Health has nothing to do with “killing” or “detoxing.” It has to do with one thing only: synchronizing with time. There are two different mechanisms at work: perception and calibration. We may perceive ourselves […]

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What Is Dark Matter?

By alethea | July 4

In this paradigm, the Big Bang describes the moment all the energy in the multiverse collapses into a single dot of matter, which heralds the birth of linear time. Linear time then reverses the […]

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We Are Awakening

By alethea | June 7

In the 1990 film “Awakenings,” based on Oliver Sacks’s memoir of the same name, a patient named Lucy Fishman (Alice Drummond), although in a catatonic state, suddenly catches a ball when it’s thrown to […]

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