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The Central Nugget: Only When Light is Emergent Does it Have Speed

The central nugget of these ideas is simple. It is an extension of a popular, widely-discussed branch of physics known as Emergence Theory, which holds that the reality we perceive with our senses is not fundamental, but is emerging from something else.

The central nugget of these ideas is that what we perceive as light is not light proper (light qua light). What we perceive as light exists on a spectrum between matter that is spinning very quickly—matter qua light, or “sun;” and energy that is spinning very slowly—energy qua light, or ‘moon.” It is matter that is spinning quickly that has speed (energy). And energy that is spinning very slowly that has inverse speed (density).

Light only has speed when it is emergent.

Light proper (light qua light) has no speed. Only matter qua light and energy qua light have speed.

It’s a simple idea, really. But it is simple yet radical, because it will force us to rethink ourselves and our world.

My father was a simple yet radical person. In school, when he was given an assignment, he wouldn’t write about what he was told to write about. He would write about whatever he wanted to.

When you have an original idea, at first, you will be ridiculed and ignored. Do not let this dishearten you. Indeed, it should encourage you. To be ridiculed and ignored is the very definition of what it means to have an original idea.

I am both patient and impatient at the same time. I am impatient, because I know this idea could help people. But I am patient, too, because I know that, ultimately, the truth will out. It’s only a matter of time. Someone, somewhere, will say Yes. And then another person will say Yes. And then another. We may be blind, and timid, and fearful, and cling to the old ways of the past—at first. But, deep down, we are a people of great moral courage, and we are not afraid to look at things in a new way. We will not squeeze our eyes shut and insist we have everything figured out forever. There will come a day when we will open our eyes and hearts to new ideas and new voices.

Someday, somewhere, someone will say Yes. And that will be the beginning.