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As With Quarks, So With Us.

The same forces at play in the world of quarks and electrons are at play in us. We are not separate from the form and substance of the universe, but one with it — literally. Everything is light, including us.

There are three forces at work: down, up, and spin. Iron helps with down (gravity). Copper helps with up (electricity). Magnesium and the B vitamins help with spin (the core metabolic rate). If one vector is not taut, it throws the other two off, and the whole thing collapses. Every minute, a billion times a minute, we have to power up and spin. We are revving the generator of the universe, and using it to make a movie.

The fourth state of water experiment showed us how it’s done. First you push down. Then you shoot up. Then you spread out, in a ring of light.

If the rate of spin is not high enough, iron does not transmute into gravity and copper does not transmute into electricity but they just sit there, leaden, in their inert forms, and do damage. (The damage of both the loss of their forces and the presence of their physical forms.)

However, if the down-up axis (iron-copper) (gravity-electricity) is not taut enough, the rate of spin cannot get high enough. We just spin in place, like a car in neutral.

So it’s a juggling act. We need all three forces to work together. But we can do it — and when we do, we ascend, in tandem with the rest of the universe. When we do not ascend, we get left behind.

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It’s All About Spin.

Think of something with spin. It goes faster and faster until it’s spinning so fast, it seems to stop.

Only — it hasn’t really stopped. It’s just wearing its spin on the inside. This is what it means to change dimensions. To enter a different time signature. To ascend.

When light achieves the speed of light, time stops. Only, time hasn’t really stopped. Light wears time on the inside.

Time is like a record where when you spin it very fast, it becomes light. But if you slow the spinning down, it becomes time again. In other words: Light that goes slow is time. Time that goes fast is light. Time and light are two sides of the same lever. They are toggling states in the “double-slit” experiment.

We are approaching a new age, which will be the age of light. As we approach, the gears of time are going to shift. In the old age, our light was spinning within the fabric of time. In the new age, time will spin within the fabric of light. Light is timeless because it wears its spin — time — on the inside.

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The Metabolic Rate Is Crucial.

Light is timeless because it wears its spin on the inside. And so must we.

The quantum field is the border between time and timelessness. It’s the sphere (for the sake of simplicity, I’ll refer to it here as a circle) where the quantum conversion* takes place. We experience optimum health at its circumference. When we’re inside the circle, we’re spinning too fast (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s). When we’re outside the circle, we’re spinning too slow (ALS, ME/CFS). We need to be on the circle itself.

The nature of spin is two-fold. It’s akin to churning. We’re always speeding up on the inside, and slowing down on the outside. Speeding up—then wearing our spin on the inside.

The liver is the engine. The kidneys set the speed limit. The two work in tandem. They need to work in tandem, otherwise we experience metabolic gridlock.

To increase the basal metabolic rate, we need sodium. But to increase the speed limit, we need potassium. So it’s tricky.

We’re always doing two things at once. Iodine plus potassium (Lugol). Coffee enemas plus potassium (Gerson). Espresso plus a lemon rind (the wisdom of the Italians). B1 plus (taken separately, at a different time of day) B6. These things are revving the engine while cooling the exterior. It’s important to do both in tandem in order to move forward in time.

When the engine is too revved, it’s like falling backward in time. When the exterior is too cooled, it’s like falling forward.

*For more on the quantum conversion, see the fourth state of water experiment.

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Light Is Like Water.

We’re all immersed in a sea of light. We just can’t see it.

Only when the core metabolism — the metabolic rate of spin — is fast enough can we use our minerals. When we’re spinning too slowly, they precipitate out of solution and deposit in our tissues. This will happen if we’re spinning too slowly, or too fast. Either way, we lose the use of our minerals.

Similarly, when we’re spinning too slowly (or too fast — e.g. spaceflight), our light precipitates out of solution as oxalate crystals. When our core metabolic rate is too slow or too fast, instead of making light, we make oxalate. Oxalate is crystal that should be light.

Iron and copper are particularly problematic. When iron is spinning fast enough, it facilitates gravity. When copper is spinning fast enough, it facilitates electricity. Iron and copper are essential for speed. But unless we are already spinning fast enough, we cannot use them. Instead, they precipitate out of solution and deposit in tissues, where they do a lot of damage, including increasing our need for speed. So a dysfunctional loop is created.

I can increase my core metabolic rate with things like salt (adrenals), iodine (thyroid), and vitamin B1 (thiamine). I can rev my metabolism by stimulating my liver with coffee enemas. But unless my alkalinity reserves (potassium) are sufficiently high when I do so, so my body knows it can apply the brake when necessary, my kidneys will undo the metabolic increase by making ammonia. This is what I mean when I say the liver is the engine but the kidneys set the speed limit.

In cancer, the metabolic rate is too slow, so the body cannot use its iron and its copper. Instead, they are depositing in cellular tissue, and in turn increasing the metabolic rate requirement for those tissues. This creates a vicious cycle. The cells in question increase their metabolic rate, but the altered pH requirements of these cells creates gridlock. They have fallen behind (are too slow), but they’re also too acidic. The cells in question try to increase their metabolic rate enough to make the dimensional shift (i.e. wear their spin on the inside), but the speed limit doesn’t allow it. They’re speeding up and going nowhere — so they keep speeding up. The catabolic wasting we see in cancer is the body breaking down muscle to make ammonia to counteract its own attempts to increase the metabolic rate. The more ammonia it makes, the more copper and iron precipitate out of solution, and the more these iron- (or oxalate-) laden cells in turn increase their rate of metabolism. This eventually leads to unchecked cell division.

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Wait. What?

Time isn’t something solid, like a block. It’s something we create, moment by moment, like a movie. Illness results from errors in the way we create time.

Einstein was right. The distinction between past, present, and future is just an illusion. The past is here with us now; it’s just cycling more quickly than we are. And the future is here with us, too; it’s just cycling more slowly.

Gravity and time are the twin poles of the illusion. In the equations, they will cancel each other out. The greater the force of gravity, the faster time spins. As Einstein predicted, gravity is “fake;” the surface of the earth – Along with the rest of the universe – is accelerating.

We must synchronize with time. There are two different mechanisms at work: perception and calibration. We may perceive ourselves as being in the right time signature, but be cycling time at the wrong speed. Or we may perceive ourselves as being in the wrong time signature, but be cycling time at the right speed.

If we cycle time at the speed of the past (i.e. too quickly), it’s Parkinson’s. If we cycle time at the speed of the future (i.e. too slowly), it’s ALS. These are errors in calibration.

There can also be errors in perception. If we’re cycling time at the right speed, but our brains perceive us as being in the past, it’s Alzheimer’s. We keep trying to fit time’s larger circle with our small one; we continuously lose time. If we’re cycling time at the right speed, but our brains perceive us as being in the future, it’s chronic fatigue syndrome or ME/CFS. We keep trying to fit our small circle with time’s larger one; we continuously lose light. In both cases, what’s really lost is ourselves. Self as light, or self as time.

What do I mean when I say “cycle time,” exactly? I mean the rate at which our energy and matter are spinning into each other. Energy and matter spinning into each other—viz. when we heal wounds, when we procreate, when our bones remodel and grow—is the central yin/yang of life. Energy and matter cycling into each other is timelessness becoming time.

The reason a body might misperceive which time signature it’s in could be calcified manganese (in the case of ME/CFS) or calcified iron (in the case of Alzheimer’s) in the pineal gland. The pineal gland is where I believe temporal location (the perception by the body of itself in time) takes place. Anil Seth discusses proprioception very succinctly and elegantly here.

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The Holographic Principle

It sounds like science fiction, but it’s not. Modern physics takes very seriously the idea of the universe as a hologram or a simulation or projection of some kind. But we’ve suffered from the most common myopia of all: we left ourselves—our own bodies—out of the equation. We are more than membranes and mitochondria. We are light first, and matter second. And at the end of our lives, we will be light again. The self we see is just an avatar.

What is the holographic principle? It involves the idea that information is the more fundamental “stuff” of the universe and that space-time emerges from it. The first few links under VIDEOS can serve as an introduction, if the concept is unfamiliar. If it’s true, it’s true not just for everything we observe, but for us as observers, as well. That’s the part we’ve been missing—and the part that’s all-important, in terms of human health.

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In a Nutshell ….

I’m a professional writer whose interest in biology and physics began nine years ago, when I turned forty, in an attempt to get at the root cause of my own ‘mystery illness.’ I had to teach myself medicine—with the help of my fellow patients, and the Internet—but being an autodidact and an outsider gave me an advantage. I was able to see the human being with fresh eyes.

When I was sick, it felt as if I were dying, but they kept telling me nothing was wrong. I didn’t listen; I listened to my body instead. What was the problem? I was iron-toxic—too magnetic—so I was cycling time too quickly, and not in the right quantum field. My iron toxicity was “hidden,” meaning on blood work, my iron panel was normal—but my RBC manganese was low. What matters isn’t iron per se; it’s the iron to manganese ratio. Iron to manganese is a stand-in for gravity to electricity. It’s how the body locates itself in time.

The center of the multiverse—the past—is weighted toward gravity and matter. The outer extremities of the multiverse—the future—are weighted toward electricity and light. As we move outward from the center of the multiverse—as the universes expand from the beginning of time—the dynamics of time are shifting away from gravity and toward electricity. If we are to prolong our lifespans, we must shift apace.

The DNA is our code, and it’s protean. It’s designed to read the changing dynamics of time and to change accordingly (epigenetics). Adding iron to the food supply while simultaneously leaching out manganese through the use of glyphosate (“Roundup”) was a big mistake. But we can reverse it—and we’re going to.

When we lag behind time, we have too much gravity (too much matter). When we surpass time, we have too much electricity (too much energy).

What causes cancer? E = mc^2.

When we lag behind time, instead of gravity and electricity in the body, we get their material “precipitates”: iron and oxalate. Inside cells that accumulate iron and oxalate, the DNA reads an erroneous matter to energy ratio and syncs with the wrong time signature. The rest of the organism continues to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of time, but these cells remain in the past. Contrary to our perception, it’s not that they mutate; it’s that they don’t mutate. They’re still “making time,” but the character of the time they make is no longer in sync with the rest of us. They’re achieving the speed of light (C) using an old equation that has more matter and less energy. It’s still C, but it’s what C would be if we were in a faster, higher-gravity time signature. Cancerous cells are healthy cells that are cycling time too quickly—at the speed of the past.

This is not intended as medical advice. These hypotheses have not yet been put through the rigors of scientific testing. But I’m putting them out into the world because I believe they’re worthy of discussion and further research. Because if I’m correct—and we are, in fact, light—then our potential to (finally) clean up our planet, lift each other out of pain and poverty, and forge a new heaven—a heaven on earth—is far greater, and nearer, than we’ve imagined.

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What’s Working for Me

If the problem were simple, our bodies would have solved it themselves. But it’s two-pronged. Some of us need to increase our metabolic rate, but we can’t, because to increase metabolism generates acid, and our bodies believe we’re already too acidic. The autistic children need to slow their metabolic rate, but they can’t, because to slow the metabolic rate increases alkalinity, and their bodies believe they’re already too alkaline.

The things that have been most helpful for me thus far are: iodine, microdose lithium, P5P or benfotiamine (I use high doses of one or the other), magnesium (as needed, can be hard on adrenals) and manganese (as needed, I need less when I raise my pH with salt). Iodine and sun-gazing can help detoxify the pineal gland, which becomes calcified as we age, and is impaired by fluorine (in many drugs) and fluoride (in the water). Iodine also supports the thyroid, which functions in relationship with the HPA (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal) axis, which I’m supporting with salt and a little manganese.

The glands all function in tandem, and together help to sync us with the right time signature. Those with hyperthyroidism are often hypothyroid because they’re in the wrong time signature—that of the past—where time runs more quickly. They need to help the thyroid switch time signatures, i.e. spin even faster, so it can spin more slowly (akin to switching gears). I take a brand of iodine by Designs for Health contains 10,000 mcg of iodine and 40 mcg of selenium, and I sometimes take 3-4/day.

I also seem to need a teaspoon or two of purified natural sea salt, such as “Detoxi” salt (increases pH), either orally or transdermally (in the bath or right on top of the head). Occasionally I’ll use sodium bicarbonate instead. Once I’m no longer too acidic, the copper found in organic chocolate and other foods (copper conducts electricity—why we use it in copper wires) boosts my mood, helps me generate ATP, and assists in inducing apoptosis. When I’m still too acidic, it warps backward in time (pathogenesis) into Blastocystis hominis, and only contributes to the myriad ill effects of excess “yeast.” When I take copper, I only take it from a glass bottle (no plastic).

I also use an orgone Biomat on the lowest heat setting.

I have no relationship with any of the companies I’m linking to, and am not a part of any Amazon “affiliates” program. I’m sharing what has helped me, in the hopes of helping others. What each person needs will be different. This is not intended as medical advice. In this, as in all things, make your own decisions.

Let me say that again, because it’s important. I was able to climb out of the worst abyss of my life—a debilitating illness where I was barely able to think or move, where I was misunderstood by everyone from doctors to family alike—only when I covered my ears and listened to my heart.

Make your own decisions.

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It’s About Time

It’s not that we’re aging. It’s that the mechanics of time are changing. As the universe accelerates away from the beginning of time, gravity is decreasing and time is slowing down.

As we better understand the dynamics of time, we’ll better learn how to sync with it. Synchronizing with time will mean “escaping” gravity by increasing both our metabolic rate and our pH. As our metabolic rate increases, though we may not perceive it, time will be slowing down for us. Keeping pace with time will mean keeping pace with the accelerating, expanding universe whose outer limits approach the eternal Now. It will mean Ascension.

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We Are Awakening

In the 1990 film “Awakenings,” based on Oliver Sacks’s memoir of the same name, a patient called Lucy Fishman (Alice Drummond), although in a catatonic state, suddenly catches a ball when it’s thrown to her. But it’s not the “will” of the ball she’s borrowing; it’s its time signature. The ball, as it accelerates through space, is slowing down time, which is what Lucy needs.

If we lived in a pixelated universe, it’d be impossible to know a particle’s position and its velocity simultaneously because, in a sense, the particle wouldn’t have a velocity. Its location in space would be a representation of its location in time.

Later in the film, in a heartbreaking scene, Leonard Lowe (Robert De Niro) stares into the camera after his tremors have begun to return—because the drugs are wearing off, as the drugs always do—and time is speeding up for him again. Dr. Malcolm Sayer (a fictional Sacks, played by Robin Williams) wants to put the camera away, but Lowe won’t let him. “Watch watch watch watch watch watch watch,” he implores, barely able to talk. “Learn learn learn learn learn. Learn from me.”

I speak now not just for the beautiful minds of Oliver Sacks and all those who belong to our tribe of physicians, but for the thousands of citizen-scientists who’ve been toiling in the trenches with me when I say: We didn’t give up on you, Leonard. We watched. We studied—we never stopped studying. We studied our own pain, and by God, we learned.

In these pages, I hope to present a unified theory of human illness that has its roots in quantum physics—specifically, in the way human beings experience time.