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How to Get to God

OOPS. Just kidding. I would never presume to tell you how to get to God. Why would I presume to tell you how to get to God when I can’t even tell you how to get to St. Louis? There are many ways to get to St. Louis. How you get there depends on where you’re coming from.

I am Catholic, which means I follow someone who is Jewish. My father was an atheist. His parents were a Methodist and a Baptist who became Presbyterians when they married (“to compromise,” they said). My mother’s parents were a Lutheran and a Catholic. Whose religion should I claim is less than mine? My father’s? My great-grandfather’s? But my father and my grandfather made me.

Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists … all religions lead to the same God. We are all one family.

And what of those who don’t believe in God? They are part of the family, too—an important part. Everyone has a seat at the table. Together, all of us, we are the Kingdom of God on earth. We are the universe.

Even the language “get to God” is misleading. God is not something we get to. God is already here.

This is a song I sing when I worship. What song do you sing?