Is Any of This Real?

By alethea | October 12

At times, I find these ideas a little ontologically challenging. Am I real? Is any of this real? During idle moments, you might find me wiggling my fingers and staring at my own hand.It’s […]

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The Physics of Illness, at a Glance

By alethea | September 13

Baseline: Time is speeding up and light is slowing down. Time is reflected in the basal metabolic rate and light is reflected in the pH. As time moves forward, the basal metabolic rate increases […]

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Human Metabolism, a Fresh Perspective

By alethea | July 18

Speed, dilation, and density are governed by the neuroendocrine system. Pineal – master gland, fount of the endocrine cascade. Reads time (light). Responds to wavelength and vibration. Adrenals – speed. Thyroid – dilation. Parathyroid […]

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The Scientific Method

By alethea | July 16

… is important. It’s how we ascertain what’s true. At the moment, we have not been able to employ it as robustly as we should. I heard, recently, of a med student whose mode […]

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We Are All One Body

By alethea | February 11

My father was a mathematician, but I like to say the math gene skipped me. One of the few mathematical concepts I understand intuitively is that there are no subsets to infinity. You cannot […]

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Why Do We Age?

By alethea | January 1

We age because we start to hug pH7 instead of pressing out to 0 and 14. pH7 is the equator, the narrow band within the almond shape of the vesica piscis. 0 and 14 […]

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Infectious Disease, Take 2

By alethea | September 25

All is one. Health has nothing to do with “killing” or “detoxing.” It has to do with one thing only: synchronizing with time. While I was researching the infectious vectors of Blastocystis Hominis, I […]

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We Are Awakening

By alethea | June 7

In the 1990 film Awakenings, based on Oliver Sacks’s memoir of the same name, a patient named Lucy Fishman (Alice Drummond), although in a semi-catatonic state, suddenly catches a ball when it’s thrown to […]

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