Not Dust but Breath

By alethea | October 4

We look out of our eyes and we see a flute, or a stained-glass window, and so we think we are the flute, or the stained-glass window. But we are not the instrument, but […]

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By alethea | October 2

When we’re on an airplane, it almost seems as if we’re not really moving, and in truth, we’re not. If space is emergent (Google ’emergence theory’ or watch some of the videos on this […]

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Blood and Calcium

By alethea | September 29

This week, I had an adverse reaction to vitamin K2 MK-7, menaquinone. It made my blood too thin. Because my blood was too thin, my metabolic rate had to increase, to substitute for the […]

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Special Relativity: The Key to Disease?

By alethea | September 16

This week I was a speaker at the Science of Consciousness Conference (University of Arizona). My 23-min talk is sort of an extension of the work of Donald Hoffman, a cognitive scientist (UC Irvine) […]

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I Sing the Body Electric

By alethea | August 5

In the 1990 film Awakenings, based on Oliver Sacks’s memoir of the same name, a patient named Lucy Fishman (Alice Drummond), although in a semi-catatonic state, suddenly catches a ball when it’s thrown to her. […]

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How’d I Get Tangled Up in Physics?

By alethea | December 18

A little about my life, and my path, in this interview with filmmaker Anthony Chene.

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By alethea | December 16

A signal that is static—that does not oscillate—is dead to us. A static signal carries no energy. For example, estrogen. I’m 50 and my estrogen is high. Women need estrogen to drop in order […]

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Tryptophan: A Case Study

By alethea | December 7

Here’s an example of what I believe we need to fix in our current medical paradigm. I noticed my mother responded extremely well to tryptophan, which positively affected both her memory and her mood, […]

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Human Metabolism, a Fresh Perspective

By alethea | July 18

Speed, dilation, and density are governed by the neuroendocrine system. Pineal – master gland, font of the neuroendocrine cascade. Reads time (light). Responds to wavelength and vibration. Adrenals – speed. Thyroid – dilation. Parathyroid […]

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We Are the World

By alethea | February 11

My father was a mathematician, but I like to say the math gene skipped me. One of the few mathematical concepts I understand intuitively is that you cannot divide something infinite into smaller pieces. […]

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