Human Metabolism, a Fresh Perspective

By alethea | July 18

Speed, dilation, and density are governed by the neuroendocrine system.Pineal – master gland, font of the neuroendocrine cascade. Reads time (light). Responds to wavelength and vibration. Adrenals – speed. Thyroid – dilation. Parathyroid – […]

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We Are the World

By alethea | February 11

My father was a mathematician, but I like to say the math gene skipped me. One of the few mathematical concepts I understand intuitively is that you cannot divide something infinite into smaller pieces. […]

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Germs Cause Illness. But What Causes Germs?

By alethea | September 25

While I was researching the infectious vectors of Blastocystis Hominis, I came across some interesting statistics. According to Wikipedia, the pathogen exists in four different states, only one of which results in symptomatic illness. […]

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