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Emergence Theory

This philosophy contends that the material world we observe with our senses is emergent, and nothing that is physical is fundamental to the universe. Consciousness is fundamental, and consciousness, as it perceives and is perceived, gives rise to light and time. Emergence theory is a branch of contemporary physics that is backed by cognitive science as well as the holographic principle. (You cannot use volume to store information, only surface area. Stephen Hawking showed us this; it’s called the holographic principle.)

What we perceive when we observe the universe is not objective and tangible. To better understand what actually happens when our eyes ‘see’ the world, I recommend the work of Donald Hoffman, Beau Lotto, and Anil Seth.

If matter is not fundamental to the universe, the model of balls spinning in space is fundamentally incorrect. I would like to propose an alternative model to ‘balls in space’.

Matter and energy exist on a scale, and are different densities of the same thing: light. The Big Bang reversed things. It put matter on the inside, and energy on the outside. But inside matter is dark energy, pushing out. And inside energy is dark matter, pushing in. The forces created by the Big Bang created the tension that emergence (time) reverses.

Time functions like a simulation, and it takes place at the speed of light. The speeds of time and light mirror each other. Time may slow down, or speed up—so long as light reverses this, and speeds up, or slows down, correspondingly.

While inside time, we see partially. We don’t see yesterday—the moon behind the sun (dark matter). Nor do we see tomorrow—the sun inside the moon (dark energy).

In other words, we see the explosion, not that which is exploding. (We see the sun, not the moon behind it.) And we see that which has imploded, not the implosion. (We see the moon, not the sun behind it.)

Ironically, the only portion of the true sun (energy) that is visible to us is that which is as dense as matter—the moon. And the only portion of the true moon (matter) that is visible to us is that which is as fast as energy—the sun. We live in a reversed terrain. Emergence reverses that reversal.

Emergence exists at both the macrocosmic and microcosmic levels. Everything in the observable universe is twinned. Inside matter (the nucleus) is energy—dark energy. Inside energy (the electrons) is matter—dark matter.

Here’s another way to think about it: The sun and moon are the same lens. When we see the moon, it’s convex. When we see the sun, it’s concave. When we reach the speed of light (sunset) is when our perspective flips from concave to convex.

The half-shell of the moon is hollow. On the other side of the moon is tomorrow. The half-shell of the sun is also hollow. On the other side of the sun is yesterday.

The events of today are bounded by yesterday and tomorrow. Yesterday pushes in, and tomorrow pushes out. From within the moon, dark energy is pushing out. From beyond the sun, dark matter is pushing in.

Time ‘flips’ along the ecliptic (at sunset) at different orders of magnitude—on different scales—simultaneously. The layers of time nest within themselves like Russian dolls. Sundown is the smallest scale of the “flip,” when our perspective on time changes. But this flip occurs on several different scales at once; time’s lens is myriad.

The mathematics in this video by Daniel Matson can give us a sense of time’s simultaneity, i.e. the way in which certain dates resonate with other dates across the centuries. Every 70 x 7 years (true years, not leap-year years), a new date becomes the central zero around which light spins. Every 70 years, time contracts; this contraction takes 7 years.

Note: According to this model, neither time nor light is fundamental to the universe. A more accurate way of expressing the dynamics described in this post would be to say that consciousness is expanding. Time requires an observer (consciousness). The collective consciousness is at this moment in time, Now. To the right of Now, time expands. To the left of Now, time contracts. But Now Itself is not constant; Now changes, and exists at larger and larger (and smaller and smaller) scales.

So, does the world end? No. Ours is a world without end. It never ends; it only changes. When ‘matter’ (light that has slowed down) speeds back up again, it doesn’t stop at the speed of light; it surpasses it. When ‘energy’ (light that has sped up) slows back down, it doesn’t stop at the speed of light; it surpasses it. Time is like a top that, once wound, has enough energy to run itself. As we reach one end of the Big Bang (Alpha), we flip and head for its opposite (Omega). The Big Bang is eternal. Time never ends.

As we move from age to age, a major change can feel like an end—especially if we are intimating it, in bits and pieces (or bits and bits), from across the centuries. But our world does not end.

God, consciousness, is the great I AM.

In every age, God is with us—our refuge and our strength. He is the hidden force within the wave; the heart inside your heart (no matter who you are); the consciousness indwelling everything. He sits at our left and at our right, our Alpha and our Omega, our beginning and our “end”—which, in truth, is just a new beginning. When Omega becomes Alpha, Alpha becomes Omega again.

“Turn around” “reach” “speed up” “becomes” … This piece is peppered with language that suggests linear movement through time. That impression is, ultimately, false; these phrases are misleading and are used primarily as linguistic convention. All time exists at once and happens at once. It is only our viewpoint that changes. When you go for a jog, you do not really run around the track. If you view yourself from the left of the track, you may give yourself the impression of moving from right to left. If you view yourself from the right of the track, you may give yourself the impression of moving from left to right. But, in truth, you occupy every position on the track simultaneously.

93 million miles isn’t the distance to the sun. We are the sun. 93 million miles is our circumference.

Our brains are, in a sense, time-creating machines. So this is a little difficult for them to comprehend. But there is no such thing as time. Everything has already happened. At the Big Bang, we fell from grace. At the Big Bang, we were saved. We could not escape God’s loving mercy if we tried. It is inside—and outside—above—and below—all that is. God is not merely the hound of heaven; he is heaven itself, and the chase. The storyteller, and the story.

As fast as the universe explodes, it collapses. From this side of time, we perceive only the exploding half of the the equation—the entropy, not the negentropy.

The world is exploding and un-exploding simultaneously. As it heats to death, it freezes. As it freezes, it heats to death. If time exists on a sliding scale between “cold death” on the left and “hot death” on the right, the speed of light decreases, left to right, from c^2 to zero. If time exists on a sliding scale between “hot death” on the left and “cold death” on the right, the speed of light increases, left to right, from zero to c^2.

The moon is light speed zero. The sun is light speed c^2. We—light speed c—sit between them.

That’s the perspective of matter—the materialist perspective. But from the perspective of energy, it’s the opposite. From the perspective of energy, the sun is zero, and the moon is c^2. In other words, from the perspective of matter, the moon is self, and the sun is hot. But from the perspective of energy, the sun is self, and the moon is hot. As we reach the speed of light, c, we shift from the perspective of matter to the perspective of energy.

We’re in the middle of that shift right now. It’s an adjustment, and it takes a minute. It’s easy for the body—which perceives density and speed via its environment—to not understand where it is in time, especially in the presence of Glyphosate and other chemicals. Wait, it thinks. Am I coming or going? Expanding or contracting? Should I use my copper to hold together and my iron to hold apart, or my iron to hold together (clot) and my copper to hold apart? What is my barometric pressure, my temperature, my spin rate? It’s confusing. The global pandemic COVID-19 is a symptom of this shift. It is a tragedy, and a holocaust. It is the growing pains of the universe.

We are learning to see the world in a new way. The sun is not hot; the sun is cold. The moon is not cold; the moon is hot.

The rose ever blooms. It is only our perspective on its blooming that shifts. Jesus is always on the cross; it is we who are moving. Sometimes we’re behind the cross, and sometimes we’re in front of it.