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Given Freely, But Not Free

I have found, as these ideas have come to me, that they are freely given, but they are not free. They ask something of us. They ask that we, at last, recognize that we are all brothers and sisters. That we care for one another. That we love one another.

We’ve all been under tremendous strain lately. I feel tightly wound, like a top. I cry at nothing. Small things irritate me, when I know they shouldn’t. I am trying to shift my perspective, to change the way I see.

When someone attacks me, and says something cruel, I think: maybe he’s afraid. When someone does something thoughtless or unkind, I think: maybe she’s unhappy. I say these things because I know what it’s like to feel afraid and unhappy. I know that it does not always bring out my best behavior.

One person who has modeled empathy, for me, was Marshall Rosenberg. He taught me a whole new way of listening and being—one I am still learning. Dr. Rosenberg strikes me as someone who is truly living his divinity.