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In a Nutshell ….

I’m a professional writer whose interest in biology and physics began nine years ago, when I turned forty, in an attempt to get at the root cause of my own ‘mystery illness.’ I had to teach myself medicine—with the help of my fellow patients, and the Internet—but being an autodidact and an outsider gave me an advantage. I was able to see the human being with fresh eyes.

When I was sick, it felt as if I were dying, but they kept telling me nothing was wrong. I didn’t listen; I listened to my body instead. What was the problem? I was iron-toxic—too magnetic—so I was cycling time too quickly, and not in the right quantum field. My iron toxicity was “hidden,” meaning on blood work, my iron panel was normal—but my RBC manganese was low. What matters isn’t iron per se; it’s the iron to manganese ratio. Iron to manganese is a stand-in for gravity to electricity. It’s how the body locates itself in time.

The center of the multiverse—the past—is weighted toward gravity and matter. The outer extremities of the multiverse—the future—are weighted toward electricity and light. As we move outward from the center of the multiverse—as the universes expand from the beginning of time—the dynamics of time are shifting away from gravity and toward electricity. If we are to prolong our lifespans, we must shift apace.

The DNA is our code, and it’s protean. It’s designed to read the changing dynamics of time and to change accordingly (epigenetics). Adding iron to the food supply while simultaneously leaching out manganese through the use of glyphosate (“Roundup”) was a big mistake. But we can reverse it—and we’re going to.

When we lag behind time, we have too much gravity (too much matter). When we surpass time, we have too much electricity (too much energy).

What causes cancer? E = mc^2.

When we lag behind time, instead of gravity and electricity in the body, we get their material “precipitates”: iron and oxalate. Inside cells that accumulate iron and oxalate, the DNA reads an erroneous matter to energy ratio and syncs with the wrong time signature. The rest of the organism continues to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of time, but these cells remain in the past. Contrary to our perception, it’s not that they mutate; it’s that they don’t mutate. They’re still “making time,” but the character of the time they make is no longer in sync with the rest of us. They’re achieving the speed of light (C) using an old equation that has more matter and less energy. It’s still C, but it’s what C would be if we were in a faster, higher-gravity time signature. Cancerous cells are healthy cells that are cycling time too quickly—at the speed of the past.

This is not intended as medical advice. These hypotheses have not yet been put through the rigors of scientific testing. But I’m putting them out into the world because I believe they’re worthy of discussion and further research. Because if I’m correct—and we are, in fact, light—then our potential to (finally) clean up our planet, lift each other out of pain and poverty, and forge a new heaven—a heaven on earth—is far greater, and nearer, than we’ve imagined.