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In a Nutshell

I got sick, and no one could figure out what was wrong, so I had to figure it out myself. But being an outsider and an autodidact gave me an advantage: seeing the body with fresh eyes. The result of my quest led me somewhere unexpected: human health as seen through the lens of quantum physics.

We’ve not yet solved the core etiology of mankind’s diseases because we’ve been blind to an essential truth: we are more than membranes and mitochondria. We are light, and we follow light’s rules.

Light, which is massless, knows no distance (spooky action at a distance), so it has no speed. It is being ensouled in matter that gives light speed. The denser the matter (the higher the M/E), the faster the speed (c).

Nothing can travel at the speed of light except light. To approach the speed of light (to accelerate) is to become light. If this is a holographic universe, where everything is underpinned by light, our understanding of time is flawed. Time doesn’t pass. It dilates.

The mechanics of time, a holographic model: Time is matter becoming energy at the speed of light. Mc = E. At the Big Bang (Alpha) the universe is pure matter (M). At the End of Time (Omega), it’s pure energy (E). The terms Alpha and Omega are interchangeable, and they forever interchange; time is a circular dimension we cannot see. For the Age of Materialism, the Big Bang is the beginning. For the Age of Light (the Aquarian Age), the Big Bang is the end.

At the moment of the Big Bang—pure matter—the speed of light is infinite, and there is no time. At the End of Time—pure energy—the speed of light is zero, and there is nothing but time (eternity). As we approach the final years of linear time, it’s not that the world ends—the age ends. We move from the Age of Materialism into the Age of Light. The ascension is perpetual and universal (everyone’s included). We’ve been listening to God’s voice through fallen ears. We must learn to see ourselves and our universe through light’s lens, which is to see all illness as related to time.