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Time Is Triune: Forward, Backward, or Singularity

I just watched one of the smartest science videos I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot of science videos!). I’ll paste it, with my comment beneath.

BRILLIANT. Thank you, Science Asylum. And there’s more: why do objects, from planets to particles, SPIN? Take a look at the 5-minute mark. You’ve accurately depicted that the time gradient makes the squirrel’s head “top-heavy” and therefore it spins to the right (sinks). But wouldn’t same gradient make the squirrel’s feet “bottom-light” and spin to the left, or rise? We think of time as only moving from left to right. But what if, as certain languages (e.g. Hebrew), and indigenous traditions (e.g. the Aymara) suggest, time ALSO moves from right to left? (Lightbulb emoji here!) That’d mean some of your particles, at the bottom-most layer, would not just appear to be SLOWER, but would actually appear to be moving IN THE OTHER DIRECTION. (* The Aymara speakers of the Andes consider the past to be in front of them, the future behind them.) There’s not just time DILATION, there’s time CONTRACTION—or what Lorentz inaccurately called “length contraction.” And hey, might these differences in the speeds of time play a role in human disease? I sure think so. Want to cure cancer? Let’s look at special relativity.