The Human Element of Hope and Determination

I loved this review by Karen Miller of the film DARK WATERS, which was one of the best films I have ever seen:

“Thank goodness for Robert Bilott and the albeit tepid support of Taft. Mr. Bilott resolutely keeps on fighting for the victims of DuPont at the risk of his own health and happiness, representing both the people and a spark, the human element of hope and determination in the sea of impersonal corporate greed that’s drowning us all.

I needed that so badly, because the rest of this movie is just a perfect cameo of what is wrong with our world. Not only individual health but humanity itself is at risk when we say that the final determinant of action is money, and this film makes it so very clear that nearly all the ability to create large scale action (and to base that action on financial gain), lies in the “hands” of “people” who are Not, by and large, people, and for whom the fate of humanity is irrelevant beyond serving as a market base.

As a movie, Dark Waters is serviceable and well acted. For me it was a relief that it wasn’t ramped up to be a shouting big Story and that our main characters felt like ordinary people, not Pretty Women (or men). The casting was absolutely right for a representation of the little guys, with the exception of lovely Anne Hathaway. If you’re looking to be wildly entertained, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for truth, tension, and a wake up call, this is a good place to start.”

(And, actually, I found it to be wildly entertaining—the excitement that comes from true stories of real courage.)

Also breathtakingly good were DOPESICK (Hulu) and THE BLEEDING EDGE (Netflix).

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